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Thomas Lovell Beddoes Poems

  • Song From The Waters
    Act I, scene iv, lines 259-72

    The swallow leaves her nest,
    The soul my weary breast; ...
  • From -torrismondâ? - In A Garden By Moonlight
    Veronica. COME then, a song; a winding gentle song,
    To lead me into sleep. Let it be low
    As zephyr, telling secrets to his rose,
    For I would hear the murmuring of my thoughts; ...
  • Song Of The Stygian Naiades
    Proserpine may pull her flowers,
    Wet with dew or wet with tears,
    Red with anger, pale with fears;
    Is it any fault of ours, ...
  • Let Dew The Flowers Fill
    LET dew the flowers fill;
    No need of fell despair,
    Though to the grave you bear
    One still of soul-but now too still, ...
  • Wolfram's Dirge
    IF thou wilt ease thine heart
    Of love and all its smart,
       Then sleep, dear, sleep;
    And not a sorrow ...
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  • Finallyhereiam: if there were dreams to sell merry and sad to tell and the crier rang the bell what would you buy? ~dream pedlary by thomas lovell beddoes
  • Samquill00: a life of thomas lovell beddoes, with emphasis on his final years. it will be called 'death's jest book' and i will, i promise, write it soon.
  • Jj56123: how many times do i love, again? tell me how many beads there are in a silver chain of evening rain unravelled from the trembling main and threading the eye of a yellow star:- so many times do i love again. thomas lovell beddoes (30june1803-26 january 1849)english poet&physician.
  • Brookston: happy birthday english poet, dramatist and physician thomas lovell beddoes (june 30, 1803–january 26, 1849)
  • Northtrenton: happy birthday to thomas lovell beddoes (d. 1849), friedrich theodor vischer (d. 1887), joseph dalton hooker (d. 1911), ernest mason satow (d. 1929), frederick bligh bond (d. 1945), georges duhamel (d. 1966), archibald frazer-nash (d. 1965) and paul boffa (d. 1962).
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Rebate thy spleen, if but for pity's sake;
Or, cruel, if thou canst not, let us 'scourse,
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