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Thomas Lovell Beddoes Poems

  • Song From The Waters
    Act I, scene iv, lines 259-72

    The swallow leaves her nest,
    The soul my weary breast; ...
  • From -torrismondâ? - In A Garden By Moonlight
    Veronica. COME then, a song; a winding gentle song,
    To lead me into sleep. Let it be low
    As zephyr, telling secrets to his rose,
    For I would hear the murmuring of my thoughts; ...
  • Song Of The Stygian Naiades
    Proserpine may pull her flowers,
    Wet with dew or wet with tears,
    Red with anger, pale with fears;
    Is it any fault of ours, ...
  • Let Dew The Flowers Fill
    LET dew the flowers fill;
    No need of fell despair,
    Though to the grave you bear
    One still of soul-but now too still, ...
  • Wolfram's Dirge
    IF thou wilt ease thine heart
    Of love and all its smart,
       Then sleep, dear, sleep;
    And not a sorrow ...
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  • Becksofbucks: well, i guess i'll find out. i'm not scared, i feel like i'll be finally be going home after a crazy long weekend. "if there were dreams to sell, what would you buy? life is a dream, they tell, waking to die." excerpt: "dream-pedlary", thomas lovell beddoes
  • Thepeshk: “if there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?”- thomas lovell beddoes.
  • Liang17842387: thomas lovell beddoes - a clock striking midnight hark to the echo of time’s footsteps; gone thise moments are into the unseen grave of ages. thy have vanished nameless. none, while they are deep under the eddying wave of the chaotic past, shall placea stone
  • Englishmeigen_: if there were dreams to sell, what would you buy? - thomas lovell beddoes -
  • Melaniejaxn: how many times do i love, again? tell me how many beads there are in a silver chain of evening rain unravelled from the trembling main and threading the eye of a yellow star:- so many times do i love again. -thomas lovell beddoes
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