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  • If I Should Die
    If I should die and leave you
    Be not like the others, quick undone
    Who keep long vigils by the silent
    dust and weep. ...
  • The Fatal Sisters
    Now the storm begins to lower,
    (Haste, the loom of Hell prepares!)
    Iron-sleet of arrowy shower
    Hurtles in the darkened air. ...
  • Ode On The Death Of A Favourite Cat Drowned In A Tub Of Goldfishes
    'Twas on a lofty vase's side,
    Where China's gayest art had dy'd
    The azure flow'rs that blow;
    Demurest of the tabby kind, ...
  • On The Death Of Richard West
    1 In vain to me the smiling Mornings shine,
    2 And reddening PhÅ?bus lifts his golden fire;
    3 The birds in vain their amorous descant join;
    4 Or cheerful fields resume their green attire; ...
  • Epitaph On A Child
    Here, freed from pain, secure from misery, lies
    A child, the darling of his parents' eyes:
    A gentler lamb n'er sported on the plain,
    A fairer flower will never bloom again: ...
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Death 12 Heart 11 Hear 9 Fate 9 Long 9 Pain 8 Joy 8 Golden 7 Pleasure 7 Warm 7

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Thomastairbot: “don’t say you are sorry.” thomas’s lips were gray.”
Ryanshead: ginni thomas is an enemy of the state that too often flys under the radar. ginni should be on the top 10 list of domestic terrorists simply because she’s married to a scotus justice. the influence that comes with her marriage is immense. clarence thomas should be removed…
_itsttime_: it's thomas gray time
Grimartgroup: north shields fishermen by thomas manson (b.1940)
Gray__thomas: mark is a stud.
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