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  • Absence
    'Tis not the loss of love's assurance,
    It is not doubting what thou art,
    But 'tis the too, too long endurance
    Of absence, that afflicts my heart. ...
  • Lines - Written On Visiting A Scene In Argyleshire
    At the silence of twilight's contemplative hour,
    I have mused in a sorrowful mood,
    On the wind-shaken weeds that embosom the bower,
    Where the home of my forefathers stood. ...
  • The Brave Roland
    The brave Roland! the brave Roland!
    False tidings reached the Rhenish strand
    That he had fallen in fight;
    And thy faithful bosom swooned with pain, ...
  • Song - Men Of England
    Men of England! who inherit
    Rights that cost your sires their blood!
    Men whose undegenerate spirit
    Has been proved on field and flood: ...
  • The Traveller
    Excerpt from "Gertrude Of Wyoming"

    Apart there was a deep untrodden grot, ...
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  • Tpostmillennial: chicago mayor lori lightfoot takes the stage and proclaims, "f*ck clarence thomas."
  • Plarasoft: "how delicious is the winning of a kiss at love's beginning." -thomas campbell
  • Emiamaliyah: how delicious is the winning of a kiss at love's beginning. (thomas campbell)
  • Mjs_dc: the supreme court refuses to take up coral ridge v. splc, a case designed to overturn new york times v. sullivan and abolish constitutional protections against defamation suits that hinder free speech. thomas dissents.
  • Richoilers: introducing the oilers staff for yall head coach - jake thomas assistant coach - bryce jones assistant coach - daniel spencer assistant coach - carter mason gm - brandon whitewood assistant gm - alexander everett head scout - mike campbell trainer - patrick harper
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And all success is merely someone's luck;
Some men are down because they were unnerved,
And some are up because they kept their pluck.
Some men are down because they chose to shirk;
Some men are high because they did their work.

I do not think that all the poor are good,

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