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Thomas Bailey Aldrich (; November 11, 1836 – March 19, 1907) was an American writer, poet, critic, and editor. He is notable for his long editorship of The Atlantic Monthly, during which he published writers including Charles W. Chesnutt. He was also known for his semi-autobiographical book The Story of a Bad Boy, which established the "bad boy's book" subgenre in nineteenth-century American literature, and for his poetry.


Early life and education

Thomas Bailey Aldrich was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on November 11, 1836, to Elias T. Aldrich and Sara Aldrich, née Bailey. When Aldrich was a child, his father moved to New Orleans, but after 10 years, Aldrich was sent back to Portsmouth to prepare for college. This period of his life...
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Thomas Bailey Aldrich Poems

  • Sestet - Sent To A Friend With A Volume Of Tennyson
    Wouldst know the clash of knightly steel on steel?
    Or list the throstle singing loud and clear?
    Or walk at twilight by some haunted mere
    In Surrey; or in throbbing London feel ...
  • Echo-song

    Who can say where Echo dwells?
    In some mountain-cave, methinks, ...
  • Sargent's Portrait Of Edwin Booth At "the Players"
    That face which no man ever saw
    And from his memory banished quite,
    With eyes in which are Hamlet's awe
    And Cardinal Richelieu's subtle light, ...
  • Batuschka.
    From yonder gilded minaret
    Beside the steel-blue Neva set,
    I faintly catch, from time to time,
    The sweet, aerial midnight chime-- ...
  • Bagatelle

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Lifecoachmary: what is lovely never dies, but passes into other loveliness. -thomas bailey aldrich
Castlebarberii1: wide open and unguarded stand our gates, and through them passes a wild and motley throng. -thomas bailey aldrich
Quotebased: "the ocean moans over dead men's bones." — thomas bailey aldrich
Jktipstricks: "the ocean moans over dead men's bones." — thomas bailey aldrich
Emilyfantaskey: nature quote of the day: "the ocean moans over dead men's bones." - thomas bailey aldrich
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