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  • Every Bit Of Me Loves Every Bit Of You
    Every bit of me loves every bit of you
    and if any part goes missing
    I’ll search for it
    until it’s found again....
  • The Reason I’ve Stayed Single
    It’s not why have I not wed?
    Rather it’s why have I stayed single?
    And the reason is I’d been waiting,
    waiting all my life for you....
  • You
    My every dream,
    every wish,
    every desire
    is you. ...
  • I...
    I saw your smile and I cried.
    I saw your tears and I smiled.
    I felt your touch and crumpled.
    But when I heard your voice my inner- self rose to life......
  • My Nost Amazing, Inspirational And Beautiful Resolve
    The perplexity of life can be quite
    a conundrum of sorts no doubt
    and when it becomes rather much
    to bare we either perish or find ...
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