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  • Lion Please
    Lion Heart,
    Please, don't tear my fleshly posessions with your sharp teeth, so fierce.
    I know that you need to feed
    And I know that the Great Romans want to have a good laugh, ...
  • Life Reflection
    Oceans of lusting life tide

    Drop of clouds
  • Now What My Image
    I struggle to be a nice girl: the worst choice of my life,
    Man I am not good with all this life,
    Working like a fool, join the 'army of the great for my money,
    God... I just had to make it harder for myself! ...
  • Seruproar
    Loner of the planet
    Where dreams give way to musing,
    Flemditation and Jarvoy,
    Living with Jhello made of peppers, hot, ...
  • Post-war Scenes
    There is a war inside me,
    Tears are fighting for their rights and contents _
    One’s rough, the other one too kind,
    I don’t know which one to fear the most, ...
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