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Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Coins as Living History Authors: Ted Schwarz
Publisher: ARCO
Published Date: 1976
Categories: Coins
Beginning with Greek coins of the seventh century B.C., explains how coins and currency have reflected and affected the course of history.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Loving Your City Into the Kingdom Authors: Ted Haggard
Publisher: Regal Books
Published Date: 1997
Categories: City missions
Loving Your City Into the Kingdom is a practitioners resource, written by practitioners. This hands-on guide brings you strategies that are working in towns and cities as churches take their communities for God. Now, for the first time, hear from those in the trenches as they tell exactly what has worked -- and what hasn't -- in terms of outreach strategies, prayer efforts, evangelistic crusades, and para-church partnerships. Co-edited by Jack Hayford and Ted Haggard, two local church pastors, this resource contains practical articles and advice on such subjects as: prayer evangelism, prayer summits, prayer walks (Marches for Jesus), spiritual mapping and warfare, cross-cultural reconciliation and networking, demographics and data-gathering, and much more.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Churchill Authors: Ted Morgan
Publisher: Touchstone
Published Date: 1984-01-01
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Chronicling Churchill's life from his boyhood through his dismissal as First Lord of the Admiralty after the disastrous Dardanelles expedition, this biography vividly details Churchill's life and times

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Wilderness at Dawn Authors: Ted Morgan
Published Date: 1993
Categories: History
The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of FDR uses scenes and dialogues from letters, journals, and diaries to recreate the odysseys, adventures, human dramas, and inhuman suffering that shaped American history. 75,000 first printing.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Exchanges Authors: Ted Lardner, Todd Lundberg
Publisher: Longman Publishing Group
Published Date: 2001
Categories: Business & Economics
With general discussions from focused case studies, and academic and popular sources, Exchanges engages students and teachers in an analysis of consumer culture. Through readings that explore the intersection between consumerism and key themes-such as group and personal identity, education, entertainment, and place-the book documents the social space we inhabit. Pre-writing exercises, group work, and writing assignments involving Internet research explore consumer culture and illustrate how human beings are consumers, biologically and socially. For anyone interested in consumer culture.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book The Religion of the Heart Authors: Ted Campbell, Associate Professor of Church History Ted A Campbell
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Religion
In The Religion of the Heart, Campbell surveys European and British pietistic movements of the 17th and 18th centuries. During the period of inter-Christian warfare in the 17th century a distinctive form of religious life emerged in varied cultural contexts that stressed the encounter with the divine through the affections, especially penitence and love for God.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Let Our Children Go! Authors: Ted Patrick, Tom Dulack
Published Date: 1979
Categories: Religion
Factual stories about a former civil servant from California whose life's mission is to rescue young people who have fallen prey to pseudo-religious cults.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book Battle of Antietam Staff Ride Guide Authors: Ted Ballard
Publisher: Department of the Army
Published Date: 2009-01-09
Categories: Business & Economics
Describes the battle on 17 September 1862 when nearly 70,000 Federal troops actually engaged in the battle, nearly 13,000 were killed, wounded, or missing; the approximately 35,000 Confederates engaged lost almost as many. General McClellan's indecision allowed General Lee to withdraw to the safety of the Virginia shore.

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book False Arrest Authors: Joyce Lukezic, Ted Schwarz
Published Date: 1990
Categories: Social Science
Describes the ordeal of a Phoenix, Arizona housewife who was arrested, tried and convicted, and jailed for a double murder of which she was innocent, and finally freed only after being acquited at her third trial

Ted Cruz Books, Ted Cruz poetry book BASEBALL Cards Authors: Steve Ellingboe, H.R. Ted Taylor
Publisher: Crescent
Published Date: 1988
Categories: Sports & Recreation
A guide to baseball's most popular players and their cards, including price information.

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