Stephen C. Foster Never Poems

  • 1.
    1 I dream of Jeanie with the light brown hair,
    2 Borne, like a vapor, on the summer air;
    3 I see her tripping where the bright streams play,
    4 Happy as the daisies that dance on her way.
  • 2.
    THE morn of life is past,
    And ev'ning comes at last;
    It brings me a dream of a once happy day,
    Of merry forms I've seen
  • 3.
    Thou wilt come no more, gentle Annie,
    Like a flower thy spirit did depart;
    Thou art gone, alas! like the many
    That have bloomed in the summer of my heart.
  • 4.
    My wife is a most knowing woman,
    She always is finding me out,
    She never will hear explanations
    But instantly puts me to rout,
  • 5.
    1 The sun shines bright in the old Kentucky home,
    2 'Tis summer, the darkies are gay,
    3 The corn top's ripe and the meadow's in the bloom
    4 While the birds make music all the day.
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