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Socrates (; Greek: Σωκράτης; c. 470–399 BC) was a Greek philosopher from Athens who is credited as the founder of Western philosophy and among the first moral philosophers of the ethical tradition of thought. An enigmatic figure, Socrates authored no texts and is known mainly through the posthumous accounts of classical writers, particularly his students Plato and Xenophon. These accounts are written as dialogues, in which Socrates and his interlocutors examine a subject in the style of question and answer; they gave rise to the Socratic dialogue literary genre. Contradictory accounts of Socrates make a reconstruction of his philosophy nearly impossible, a situation known as the Socratic problem. Socrates was a polarizing figure in Athenian society. In 399 BC, he was accused of...
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Ifinestquotes: "the shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world is to be in reality what we appear to be." socrates
Danjzs1: get to teach plato’s forms today and see who remembers the first mentioned accusation against socrates was being a religious innovator…
Gardnerstuart39: beware of two men who cross their legs... i think socrates said this... i haven't read anything by them.. well i read half of the book on myth then i thought p doesn't really understand jungian analysis... but why should he...he isn't an analytical psychologist. so p is jung for
Iss2dr: baby socrates
Oulipo_poems: as socrates dies looking just silene we ve all downed plonk from calais to bangkok say sorry that no whales came back to dock the shield of vair or or s but briefly seen 2/
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Le Vampire
 by Charles Baudelaire

Toi qui, comme un coup de couteau,
Dans mon coeur plaintif es entrée;
Toi qui, forte comme un troupeau
De démons, vins, folle et parée,

De mon esprit humilié
Faire ton lit et ton domaine;
-Infâme à qui je suis lié

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