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Socrates (; Greek: Σωκράτης; c. 470–399 BC) was a Greek philosopher from Athens who is credited as the founder of Western philosophy and among the first moral philosophers of the ethical tradition of thought. An enigmatic figure, Socrates authored no texts and is known mainly through the posthumous accounts of classical writers, particularly his students Plato and Xenophon. These accounts are written as dialogues, in which Socrates and his interlocutors examine a subject in the style of question and answer; they gave rise to the Socratic dialogue literary genre. Contradictory accounts of Socrates make a reconstruction of his philosophy nearly impossible, a situation known as the Socratic problem. Socrates was a polarizing figure in Athenian society. In 399 BC, he was accused of...
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Hamzaazeempk: “what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.” ~ socrates
Socrates_modern: if art can heal, can it not hurt us too?
Heyarnoldallday: "erma gerna eatch ya!" -socrates (philosopher)
Hayeframa: i hosted my first show as an independent artist december last year..these angels graced my event and were all turnt...feeling blessed. who's coming for the second edition?
Sloveee101: some words of wisdom for ya! : 'be as you wish to seem' —socrates.
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This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison
 by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

[Addressed to Charles Lamb, of the India House, London]

In the June of 1797 some long-expected friends paid a visit
to the author's cottage; and on the morning of their arrival,
he met with an accident, which disabled him from walking
during the whole time of their stay. One evening, when they
had left him for a few hours, he composed the following
lines in the garden-bower.

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