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"I know that I know nothing"
"The unexamined life is not worth living"
gadfly · Trial of Socrates

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Socratic dialogue · Socratic intellectualism
Socratic irony · Socratic method
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  • Johnny_socrates: damon albarn's take on t*ylor sw*ft is pretty rubbish, but it's kind of amusing seeing all the people responding thinking he's some nobody at the same time and pretending musicians don't get into ridiculous spats like this all the time.
  • Johnny_socrates: wondering how billy corgan would have been if twitter were around when pavement released range life.
  • Faan_official: january 24, 2022 press release breach of airport security; customs officials forcefully opens security gate
  • Firstdoctorr: eating late at night ➡ obesity eating late at night ➡ potbelly eating late at night ➡ poor sleep eating late at night ➡ heartburns eating late at night ➡ increase your blood sugar level pls, stop eating late at night!
  • Danielregha: stop using people's pictures to do comrade memes; it's so outdated, disrespectful & never really made sense to begin with. someone will upload a dope pic, the next thing some of u will do is attach nonsense captions to it thinking it's cruise. why not comradify urs? grow up pls.
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Eugene Field Poem
Sister's Cake
 by Eugene Field

I'd not complain of Sister Jane, for she was good and kind,
Combining with rare comeliness distinctive gifts of mind;
Nay, I'll admit it were most fit that, worn by social cares,
She'd crave a change from parlor life to that below the stairs,
And that, eschewing needlework and music, she should take
Herself to the substantial art of manufacturing cake.

At breakfast, then, it would befall that Sister Jane would say:

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