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  • Love Still Has Something Of The Sea
    Love still has something of the sea,
    From whence his Mother rose;
    No time his slaves from doubt can free,
    Nor give their thoughts repose. ...
  • The Knotting Song
    "Hears not my Phyllis how the birds
    Their feathered mates salute?
    They tell their passion in their words:
    Must I alone be mute?" ...
  • Phyllis Is My Only Joy
    Phyllis is my only joy,
    Faithless as the winds or seas;
    Sometimes coming, sometimes coy,
    Yet she never fails to please;...
  • To Cloris
    Cloris, I cannot say your eyes
    Did my unwary heart surprise;
    Nor will I swear it was your face,
    Your shape, or any nameless grace: ...
  • Child And Maiden
    Ah, Chloris! could I now but sit
    As unconcern'd as when
    Your infant beauty could beget
    No happiness or pain!...
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  • Edithmayhall: hive mind! i'm desperate to find a way to view a tv comedy of 1974 called bellamira which is actually a restoration version by sir charles sedley of terence's eunuchus. starred helen mirren. does anyone have access to a recording?
  • Capellofft: a tory mp in the late 17th century, sir charles sedley, was rebuked for his absence from a debate. he replied, 'i know how the matter will go, & an honest man signifies no more in that house to rectify it, than a drop of essence to perfume a pail full of stale piss'
  • Phoenix_intj: "no drowning man can know which drop of water his last breath did stop" sir charles sedley, to cloris
  • Samuelpepys: abroad with my wife to the king’s playhouse, and there saw “the island princesse,” which i like mighty well, as an excellent play: and here we find kinaston to be well enough to act again, which he do very well, after his beating by sir charles sedley’s appointment.
  • Samuelpepys: to the king’s playhouse, where “the heyresse,” not-withstanding kinaston’s being beaten, is acted; and they say the king is very angry with sir charles sedley for his being beaten, but he do deny it.
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