Who is Emmanuel Shadrach

Popularly known as V-VERAZY Born on March 28, 2000. A gospel artiste and a writer. Studied at Kogi State University, Nigeria.... ...
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Emmanuel Shadrach Poems

  • Demons At Noon
    In the heart of deepest shadows, noonday sun beaming high,
    Beneath a world of blinding light, a different realm identified.
    For midst the golden hour’s glory, demons dare to roam,
    Crafting chaos in the sunshine, turning daydreams into thrones. ...
  • The Blood Of A Stranger
    On the bushy paths of the rain forest, came he
    The night's asleep, cold, wee
    A knock to the hearts of the baobab tree
    Trapped in-between, struggled to wriggle free ...
  • Tears Of A Vegetable
    From the spear of Shakespeare,
    Unraveling discomforts in the air,
    Deep, sober, beauty's peak !
    Yet, the bone's feeble, tired - a screech; ...
  • Shelling The Cemetery
    Heavy tons of Canons lurking in the dark
    Sad-he who could passby'
    The blood-sucking riffles, as angry as sharks
    To sing to sleep, a sinister lullaby ...
  • Night
    Dark demons roar,
    Death, a plague a scroll
    Mankind has watered the ground,
    With blood heads spinning around ...
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Emmanuel Shadrach Quotes

  • To be addicted to girls is to be addicted to death.
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John Dewey: Nice poems. Bless you.

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