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I'm a male of 47yrs from Kalimpong, west bengal, India. I was never a vry good creative writer until one day my English teacher really appreciated my very first short story and encouraged me carry on with the good work......that was the day and now, I have written skits, few short stories and few poems. I will soon submit one of my most liked poem titled "Unsung Soul". Almost all my poems are somewhere, somehow related to my bygone or the uncertain future moments...... Hope you all will enjoy going through them. Happy Reading. Saraldeep Taming. ...
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  • Unsung Soul.
    I walked the World- a happy man, Never turned back at all. Every step has left a painful cut, unhealing to my grave;
    I watched my dreams come and go, Never hung on them for long; Now my life gently slips away, into the cold darkened grave.
    I brooded friends- forgot them now, And never sang their songs at all; Now everyone, they turn their backs, upon my solitary ruined grave.
    Look! at those impostorous faces mocking, with silent mournful cry, But every eye reflects a joy, as they quietly scamper by......
  • Euphoric Thirst.
    Nine months in my mother's womb was the most wonderful phase of her life, And my first step into the unknown then- Was the most beautiful moment she cherished; Unawareness and uncertainties my future held- Yet she did all that she could do to make it bright and beautiful. But only if dreams could turn into reality, I would have been a better child to her then;
    I shattered her hopes and dreams- Compelled her to walk the path of guilt and shame, And now she only
    sits wondering, where she went wrong, That transformed me to a person who now hardly remembers Mother's sweet songs.
    Importance of my life has vanished, In the fog of wants and selfishness- Getting high and getting my kicks, Are the things that I now only embrace; I steal, I cheat and manipulate, Just to get the substance of my choice, I do weird and unsocial acts- Just to satisfy my Euphoric Thirst. ...
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