Samuel Butler True Poems

  • 1.
    For his religion it was fit
    To match his learning and his wit:
    'Twas Presbyterian true blue;
    For he was of that stubborn crew
  • 2.

    The Knight and Squire resolve, at once,
    The one the other to renounce.
  • 3.
    HE was in Logick a great Critick,
    Profoundly skill'd in Analytick.
    He could distinguish, and divide
    A Hair 'twixt South and South-West side:
  • 4.

    The Knight and squire's prodigious Flight
    To quit th' inchanted Bow'r by Night.
  • 5.

    Sir Hudibras his passing worth,
    The manner how he sallied forth;
  • 6.

    The Knight by damnable Magician,
    Being cast illegally in prison,
  • 7.
    She was too kind, wooed too persistently,
    Wrote moving letters to me day by day;
    The more she wrote, the more unmoved was I,
  • 8.
    THE ARGUMENT OF THE FIRST CANTOSir Hudibras his passing worth,
    The manner how he sallied forth;
    His arms and equipage are shown;
    His horse's virtues, and his own.
  • 9.

    The Saints engage in fierce Contests
    About their Carnal interests;
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