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Sinsterman96: Ryan Gosling watches Doctor Who:

BritishVogue: The message is loud and clear from Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of 'Barbie': you can never have too much neon.

solacecinema: Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of his ‘BARBIE’ co-star Ncuti Gatwa.

MirrorCeleb: Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling don neon lycra as they film new Barbie movie

TsukihimeDemake: Showing the guys at the gym Ryan Gosling Ken to get them ready for their new personalities

aniqrahman: Ryan Gosling wearing a Ncuti Gatwa Doctor Who shirt. I love this man

thesiIversix: ryan gosling interpretando o ken e coming out as a whovian WHAT WORLD IS THIS THAT ARE WE LIVING IN

pvnishedt4p: Actually 31 doomer Ryan Gosling avi love exists totally detached from value. I know no girl has even so much looked at you sideways for the last 11 years but you don't need to obtain skills or workout to be more useful you should just be koo

suspiiria: every tongue that rises up against ryan gosling as ken shall fall i’ll make sure of it

LtColFranklin: First look at Ryan Gosling in Barbie sends internet into a frenzy

ownbusinesses: First look at Ryan Gosling in Barbie sends internet into a frenzy

DarylDoc22: First look at Ryan Gosling in Barbie sends internet into a frenzy

ScriptCards: First look at Ryan Gosling in Barbie sends internet into a frenzy

bbcdoctorwho: We love this almost as much as Ryan Gosling does! ❤️❤️

HerCampusKU: Can we talk about Ryan Gosling being cast as Ken for the Barbie movie? It’s just not giving what it needs to

enews: Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling's Latest Barbie Costumes Are Fantastic

DiscipleOfBrad: Ryan Gosling on the set of the Barbie film explaining the *true* numbering of the Doctors to Margot Robbie

erenssgf4: idc what anyone says ryan gosling playing ken has to be the best thing i’ve seen in awhile

RedArcherLive: Ryan Gosling is now one of my favourite actors ever thank you for listening

filmdaze: Ryan Gosling wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt of his ‘BARBIE’ co-star Ncuti Gatwa.

taeerage: seeing what ryan gosling and margot robbie wear on the set of barbie is more exciting than the met gala

dilfgosIing: a psa from ryan gosling

madibxbe: RYAN GOSLING IS NOT MY KEN!!!!!!!

paul_lander: Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Are Dressed as Hot Skatin' Barbie. Then how can we tell them apart?

erenssgf4: i’m sorry for tweeting about ryan gosling

kwirumi: mis barbie y ken ☝️☝️ ryan gosling no existis

SeriesTWBZ: Ryan Gosling no set de Barbie com a camisa do Ncuti Gatwa como Doctor Who.

taracassss: the Barbie movie but instead of margot robbie and ryan gosling it’s dianna agron and chord overstreet

WilliamD1123: Ryan Gosling certified Doctor Who fan

TheCyberdevil: As worn by Ryan Gosling! Sold by the artist! I've added my Ncuti Gatwa piece to Redubble, with watermark as worn by Ryan. As I don't own everything in the image approximately 50% of the proceeds I will make will go to The Goboka Rwanda Trust.

PageSix: Ryan Gosling goes in for a kiss with his dog and more star snaps

bestofmargot: margot robbie and ryan gosling filming ‘barbie’

lemon_chief_: Ryan gosling is wearing fanmade doctor who merch and that's a real true fact spoken in 2022

morganfaepilled: Ryan gosling wearing a bootleg 14th Doctor t shirt with a design made by an account on here is my 9/11

joroziny: Who wants to write a book, produce a movie (feat. Ryan gosling) and build a couple sky scrapers with me?

trands18: The virgin Ryan Gosling wearing a non licensed Doctor Who T-shirt vs the chad Jeremy Corbyn holding the sort of licensed Sil spin-off fan film blu ray

lexishaye_: I am Ryan Gosling’s dog at the current moment

RhysParton: I love how much Ryan Gosling is clearly a Doctor Who fan - from this to casting Matt Smith in his directorial debut because of Matt’s monologue in The Pandorica Opens (I know that happened first, but it’s a bigger thing than the shirt, to be fair).

macwrites: When he cast Matt Smith in LOST RIVER back in 2014, I remember asking a friend "Do we really think Ryan Gosling actually watches Doctor Who, or did some casting agent make him sit through the Stonehenge speech?" Well heck, maybe it's the former!

marill_streep: the gray man (mostly for an interest to be finally seeing ryan gosling on film again), fire of love, nope, and not okay

LachiePls: The new barbie movie has Ryan Gosling, I have to see it now

CaptJohnstarr: The only film I've ever walked out of was Blade Runner 2049. It was my third time seeing it in theaters, the ticket was free, and I was out of popcorn. Left after the scene where Ryan Gosling loses his shit.

GeekFeedDotCom: Barbie Set Photos have Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in Costume

zoebowiie: ryan gosling wearing a doctor who shirt with ncuti gatwa on it has fully made my day

filmdaze: Ryan Gosling wearing a Ncuti Gatwa Doctor Who shirt

Reformed_Sun: I am the female version of Ryan Gosling’s Ken. I am not Margot Robbie’s Barbie. There is a vast difference.

Thekdawg33: The grip Ryan Gosling has on introverted males in gen Z is unwavering

Hanna_Lynn12: I have not known peace since I was informed ryan gosling was playing Ken in the live action Barbie movie

Jbandos: the only reason blue people avatar exists is so that Ryan Gosling can have a psychological thriller about its title font

babiewonsik: dying for ryan gosling to go to korea one day and that someone tells him of his resemblance to a rapper and idol named ravi ksjfnsdkjfg

AlanBassezArtem: 4 me: Cameron Mathison Skeet Ulrich Paul Wesley Marcus Rosner Jensen Ackles Josh Duhamel Ryan Gosling Jesse Williams Andrew Walker Ryan Phillippe (sp)

hyperglhf: it’s me guys Ryan Gosling, i stole emory’s phone and took a selfie with it LOLOL gonna go mail it back to him now hee heee

IightsfIicker: still the superior ryan gosling movie look

enews: Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling Prove Life in Plastic Is Fantastic In Pics Together As Barbie and Ken

enews: We can't wait to see this life in plastic! Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are spotted in full western costumes for Barbie movie.

toodeadsoon: Ryan Gosling fez isso comigo nesse filme.

romcomgenerator: a late night show host's life used to be tedious, but that was before they met a pharmacist. now, all they gotta do is convince a sculptor to come along. featuring elon musk and ryan gosling.

Crystal80727204: A photo from the upcoming "Barbie" movie reminded fans of the 1993 version of that Ken doll that many people were convinced was a gay icon. Ryan Gosling's Version Of Ken Is Giving Off Serious 'Earring Magic Ken' Vibes

giftedadult: starring Ryan Gosling as Xavier

MariUeharaShiny: Last few days been in a Ryan gosling in drive kind of mood

jezthethird: Me and the boys on our way to fight off the leftoids in the Big Igloo after seeing Barbie starring Ryan Gosling (2023)

piecedefiction: She IS the right pick, Ryan Gosling as Ken isn't though.

313waynestated: ryan gosling time

faistsoscar: "Who needs Ryan Gosling when we have Ryan Reynolds" is the worst thing I've ever read

Anthony80115284: Based on the photo, Ryan Gosling has transformed into the quintessential Ken. A first look at Ryan Gosling in 'Barbie' has sent the internet into a frenzy | CNN Gosling will play the tanned, toned and plastic boyfriend of Margot Robbie's Barbie. It's the first official image o...

AceQuorthon97: I can't believe that I am unironically excited for the Barbie movie, all because of Ryan Gosling lmao

DonnaJo99399444: Ryan Gosling as Ken in the new Barbie film is a masterstroke of casting And Margot Robbie in the lead role is just as perfect. So what other Hollywood A-listers could we tee up for the next toy-franchise adaptation?

DavidStassi: Man Ryan Gosling looks amazing

JasmineSustar: Ryan gosling is my favorite actor of all time. Gn.

OnefilmsMovies: Movie Quotes: "I don't know; I just got a feeling about her. You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?". Ryan Gosling (Blue Valentine)

NorfSesh: Yes, we. Palestinian Ryan Gosling and Giga Hitler.

iglauchild: They don’t know I’m literally like Ryan Gosling

ParaIleIo: i used to think i was literally ryan gosling from Drive (2011), but now i realize i am literally ryan gosling from Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

dariolaser: Risposta non problematica Anne Hathaway, risposta problematica Ryan Gosling in the Place beyond the pines

bleketdet: Instead of Ryan Gosling, Mason Dye aka Jason Carver should be playing Ken on Barbie live action movie

Heroinsomniac: I’ve been having that Ryan gosling feeling for a while now

mgtetc2: you’re not a based ryan gosling drive-pilled schizo…just a cringe 4chan conservative schizo

seaweedscobell: margot as barbie was spot on casting but ken.. i'm sorry ryan (gosling)

favourboroks: Don't think Ryan Gosling (was it?) is the right Ken though

nerdist: ICYMI: here's Ryan Gosling in the Barbie movie

tr1plehelix: 4 tickets to ryan gosling’s barbie please

RichardOcelot: I think a lot of people don't know that that Barbie movie with Margot Robbie & Ryan Gosling is directed by the woman who did Ladybird and Little Women. Legit prestigious acclaimed stuff.

forestpupsy: ryan gosling screaming “WHAT DO YOU WANT” will forever be with me. i’ve seen this movie once and still hate the fem mc. what i would not give for a man to love me like this and build a house for me!?

JohnApp63499667: Everyone Is Freaking Out Over These New Pictures Of Ryan Gosling And Margot Robbie As Rodeo Ken And Barbie

okmycs: Everyone showing stills of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling but I'm just patiently Emma Mackey.

hlfbf: margot robbie and ryan gosling as barbie and ken are my new favourite butch/femme couple

123__Tee: Why did they choose Ryan gosling for Ken? Where was Freddie prinze jr

shintlove: I’m actually low key excited for the Margot Robbie/ Ryan Gosling Barbie movie

Brandon_Hrdesty: Same episode, Ryan Gosling during his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse years

LACROlXS: Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie for the BARBIE.

SchnodeF: Never seen a Ryan Gosling movie, never will

ccplus: Ken has never looked this well!

SheronFelix: patrick bateman is waiting to buy front row seats to barbie (2023) starring ryan gosling

Froggenthusias1: Me and the boys on our way to see Barbie starring Ryan Gosling.

DeathBattleBot: DEATH BATTLE! Frank VS Ryan Gosling

Onkucuksiyasi: Doomer Ryan Gosling Playlist

iIomlio: ryan gosling is NOT my ken

Metro_Ents: Margot Robbie was seen in tears in her character as Barbie, while filming with Ryan Gosling as Ken

SaintBazzi: This movie led to a lot of the coochie I got. Salute to my nigga Ryan Reynolds/Ryan Gosling idk which white boy was Noah

minracha97: Ken Ryan Gosling looks like Brad Mondo, but Brad Mondo looks amazing and Ryan just doesn't look right as Ken.

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