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jonathanmb32: First actor that came to mind for me was Ryan Gosling

FL0R44: Ryan gosling these balls

Tiffany_Val_: Proof that everyone is more attractive with tattoos, even Ryan Gosling.

ledgerism: need to watch this ryan gosling looks so slutty

frasier_cranium: Back to the bar. 'Stacks' is leading the mobsters in a rendition of Piano Man. Then talk turns serious. A caper is planned?! Wilbourn gulps. Phil has become first mate...but they're planning to pull off one last job?! Nicholas is now driving with Ryan Gosling & Bojack Horseman.

Ossskyy: Im trying to be Ryan Gosling but from crazy stupid love

mexicansand: Ryan Gosling movies are just > Him standing autistically in a corner > Pretty visuals > ????? > Profit

AMYAD4MS: the day the barbie trailer comes out and i see ryan gosling as ken someone’s gonna have to check on me

1800keira: Never needed Ryan gosling so bad

wyatt_katz: I need Ryan Gosling to sweep supporting actor this awards season as Ken In Barbie just like Ke did this year. It would bring me so much joy

NewfieHunner: Serious: Ryan Gosling Based: Don Knotts ghost

subwayluvr_: Watching a place beyond the pines and Ryan gosling has me barking !

chvms68: I am literally Ryan gosling

melinagoranson: I want Ryan Gosling

lovechazelle: also want more musicals with ryan gosling and emma stone and andrew garfield and taron egerton

Massive_Peace: The power of SHAZAM! transforms you into your "ideal self" right? Like, what if my ideal self is to become exactly like Ryan Gosling? Does the magic transform me into him, changing my race and everything?

numr1spenceruwu: sorry i cried on call, that wasnt very patrick bateman sigma male the driver ryan gosling jake gyllenhaal lou bloom negan from the walking dead bladerunner the matrix keanu reeves neo john wick of me (it will happen again)

RICOVI_B: I really don’t know a lot of Ryan Gosling movies.

jomoonso: Ryan Gosling in the nice guys.

PapillonFlacko: Ryan Gosling’s best performance has to be Blue Valentine

christ_in_dior: Love how everyone forgets how Ryan Gosling was a Mouseketeer.

gooch_pube: this is one of my favourite movies of all time but i think the fact that people only post the ryan gosling scenes / even googling it only results in pictures of ryan gosling says a lot about why it's not so well remembered. his character is only around for like 25% of the film

abdullahosmn: Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes filming THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, 2011.

OMARNTHEREALIFE: I can relate to every tiktok, meme, reel of ryan gosling

tishyp_: Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys. We need a sequel asap

keptmyshortcuts: give me ryan gosling in more comedic roles or give me death

kashimaryuichi: never underestimate how bad i am with actors. thought john krasinski and jake gyllenhaal were the same person and i found out i was actually talking about ryan gosling

margotrzbie: ryan gosling in the nice guys

1147x1147: Ryan Gosling should be cast as Ernst Jünger in a movie; this was just pointed out to me, don't know how it hasn't been mentioned before, can someone make edit for us of movie poster?

gothgirlvictim: just saw a tiktok where a girl was like all men are not the same; ryan gosling is way different then magic johnson and adolf hitler and like half the comments are calling her pickme. but like shes cooking

gujillerstan33: Kissing a dude during a party game and realizing that felt really good. Oh and also unirronically having a crush on Ryan Gosling

setedarko: — What makes Ryan Gosling better than me? — … Nothing…? *pause* *hug*

SuperMandzu: The only hope here is Ryan Gosling fighting for the identity, if not then bye bye

jaymfbig: Ryan Gosling as MLK might cook though.

susanmather4: Gucci Valigeria | Ryan Gosling Designer Travel & Weekend Bags | GUCCI®m

egeofanatolia: Ryan Gosling is such a slut.

dickriderdylan: Yo, I aint new to twitter but I want more moots so yeah shit i like -DC (and anything surrounding it, movies, games, comics etc) -Ryan Gosling -Scott Pilgrim vs The World -Fortnite -A24 -Cinema in general -The Boys -Spider Man -Regular Show -South Park -Mario RT for Moots

christaylor_nyc: Keep threatening us and we’re bringing Ryan Gosling back home

makislesbo: me: smoking on the shit that made john eff kennedy the voice of ryan gosling in my head: i drive

geoff_ebooks: They also have Journey as a Ryan Gosling fan is now I want Oreos.

brynnhiilde: I’m in my Ryan Gosling movie era

prattwatts: fancam of ryan gosling giving CPR to a teddy bear bc why not

cityofaugusts: ryan gosling driver ryan gosling la la land ryan gosling helps femcel ryan gosling girl ryan gosling future academy award winner

filmdaenerys: ryan gosling i am free on thursday night if you're free on thursday night when i am free on thursday night

StreamingVideo_: The movie Drive went on sale today for $4.99 on a couple of the streaming services. The movie stars Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Christina Hendricks, Oscar Isaac, Ron Perlman

iameileeng: i’m such a ryan gosling girl

FKAJSTN: Bro comparing Halle playing Ariel to Ryan Gosling playing Obama-

danhowellmilf: the old guy looks nothing like an old ryan gosling they could have Tried with the casting

BaptainMarvel: need to eternal sunshine of the spotless mind but with ryan gosling

DenjiDreams: Literally me-ing a Ryan Gosling character but it's the guy from the Notebook

gothgirlvictim: im resisting the urges to tell her about ryan gosling films

MysteryEd: Was Robert De Niro doing Ryan Gosling before Ryan did, or is Ryan Gosling doing Robert De Niro after Robert did?

CitizenOfIsrael: Crazy how I am Ryan Gosling. This is me. This video is a recording of myself.

romcomgenerator: no one knows what tomorrow holds, especially ethan, who was just a regular princess. that is, until a bricklayer turned their life into a quirky mess. soundtrack by rich brian. featuring ryan gosling and cate blanchett.

BradRickMendes: That's like 300 more words than Ryan Gosling in Drive

Siemioon1: The best scene in Drive is when at the end, the song starts playing, Ryan Gosling rides away and then it cuts to Irene waiting in front of his door for a good 30 seconds. And then she walks away and it cuts back. Nothing happens, it's completely unresolved and unsatisfying.

RebootThese: Reboot Cagney & Lacey as a drawn out gangster saga, with a cameo from Ryan Gosling.

bigmonkeong: ryan gosling could do deadpool but ryan reynolds could never do drive

elainemarierab: Ryan Gosling as Obama is sending me

wowElliewow: Ryan Gosling is watching old movies and videos of himself to look at himself before he got raped.

parasocialyte: i like that not only did he put Obama twice, but he apparently couldn’t think of a 6th white actor so he put Ryan Gosling twice as well

wowElliewow: Sometimes Ryan Gosling makes public appearances with children that aren't Esme or Amanda, but pretending to be.

wowElliewow: Ryan Gosling is a child trafficker for the US Government.

wowElliewow: I'm serious, Ryan Gosling's IQ is about 80. I'm not joking.

misterrmisery: ryan gosling i need you

leancup2001: Marvel on the phone with ryan gosling rn to play kang

wowElliewow: When Ryan Gosling was filming Lars and The Real Girl he was sitting at about 190.

Pontash_: unironically started liking men after watching Drive (2011) for the first time and realizing men like Ryan Gosling exist

wowElliewow: Ryan Gosling was NOT ALLOWED TO TALK TO ME because it would make him remember stuff. And if he remembers stuff he gets a lot smarter.

shoshkebab: Ryan Gosling would’ve been cool as the dad in The Lovely Bones

mqrsoc: ryan gosling and elizabeth reaser behind the scenes of stay (2005)

gutkowskivzm: Officer K Ryan Gosling 2049 Blade Runner Long Trench Cotton Coat Jacket KPK63VH

wowElliewow: Ryan Gosling has had a hair transplant.

wowElliewow: Y'all have to remember Ryan Gosling has epilepsy with Grand Mal seizures. Any physical trauma or seizure will make him extremely angry and act out.

wowElliewow: Ryan Gosling ATE A HUMAN BABY AND BECAME EXTREMELY SICK. That's why he lost A LOT of weight.

ZuikoSol: honestly they need to put Ryan Gosling in more comedy movies, he nailed the role in The Nice Guys and I would love to see him in more roles like that.

lilaccjin: ryan gosling is… barack obama

UsaJaun: Ryan Gosling Once Joked That Working With Emma Stone on More Than 1 Film Was Tough

Handsome_Jul_: I’m literally John Wick, Ryan Gosling, Louis Bloom, and Patrick Bateman all at the same time.

1ux1isbon: what Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling did in Crazy, Stupid, Love clears like 50% of the best actor performances in history

NorthernDirtbag: (The move Drive but instead of driving off into the night the ending is Ryan gosling hooking a huge bass while bleeding out in his scorpion jacket): REEL HUMAN BEEEING

JonTheCommunist: Ryan Gosling really has the worst typecasting working against him

aristyycat: If you know me, you know I love Ryan Gosling

Handsome_Jul_: What do you mean I’m not Ryan Gosling you silly woman? Ryan Gosling said that I’m literally Ryan Gosling.

ekansthepokemon: i just need yall to know that christina was trying to remember ryan gosling's name and the only 3 things she could give me were: 1) common first name 2) blond 3) was on MICKEY. MOUSE. CLUBHOUSE

akagodsfavbrat: ryan reynolds and rayn gosling are not the same person my life just fell apart

ActingMagazine: “Then, you go to another audition, and you wait in traffic for two hours, and then you go through it again.”

parallelocam: Tom Hiddleston, Jim Jarmusch and Ryan Gosling

elektraussy: oh ryan gosling era has just begun

harrysflorists: except i literally am ryan gosling.

harrysflorists: im socially awkward and a loser EXCEPT. it’s in a ryan gosling way

saifyasserr: all ryan gosling movies are 83% understandable

garfpooop: I’d watch Ryan Gosling play Obama

unknowncoolzz22: Ryan gosling Anne hathaway Nolan Selena

cimmerian_v: Ryan Gosling played Young Hercules in 1998-1999 as a spin-off, as well as a villain in the original Sorbo series.

yousefmisto: One of my toughest pills I had to swallow was when I accepted the fact that I wasn’t a sigma or Ryan gosling and that I was just an anti social fat ass

Gunnersreek: I wish the Ryan gosling Obama movie was real

ZoeRoseBryant: The one with Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig, and Ryan Gosling

gothgirlvictim: theres this strand of women online that cater to men who say theyre ryan gosling and its amazing and theyre all perfect and nice and i like them

UBread25: So turns out I’m not literally Ryan gosling and am apparently just “socially awkward” and a “loser” idk wtf that means.

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