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Pauline98476699: Selma may have come the closest but but that was probably because Oprah was it and it was about MLK. He like all the other “British” actors are nobodies in the US the only one who wasn’t was Mel Gibson and Russell Crowe.

DVD_Daddy: Robin Hood (05-14-10) In twelfth-century England, Robin Longstride and his band of marauders confront corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that will forever alter the balance of world power. Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett.

loftyevans2017: looks like an over inflated Russell Crowe

hradzka: tl;dr: Universal really screwed up when they went with Cruise, Depp, and Russell Crowe for their big Dark Universe concept make it a nostalgic ‘80s comedy, have Michael J. Fox recruiting Jim Carrey, Anthony Michael Hall, and Ilan Mitchell-Smith to join the Avengers Initiative

buzzdotie: "People ask me why I love Dublin, I ask, how much time do I have ?"

DeadlineMike: Russell Crowe To Star In Gary Fleder-Directed Thriller ‘Poker Face’

techgateorg: Russell Crowe To Star In Gary Fleder-Directed ‘Poker Face’ – Deadline

AmyArgetsinger: FWIW, I was always in the small "what does she see in him?" camp. My aspiration then was that she would end up with Russell Crowe -- 2002 Russell Crowe, okay? -- which was just going to make for a better Taylor-Burton corollary.

lexscriptaesq: Russell Crowe To Star In Gary Fleder-Directed Thriller ‘Poker Face’

beeeteuk: just found out who russell crowe is

DeadlineNY: Russell Crowe To Star In Gary Fleder-Directed Thriller ‘Poker Face’

LightfootInHwd: Russell Crowe To Star In Gary Fleder-Directed Thriller ‘Poker Face’

seni_bock: everyone knows Russell Crowe is a good wrestler

FinnVonFritter: on Friday, president Jessica Alba appointed Russell Crowe to the head of teachers and the acclaimed people are awkward

jaymcnuggets: u know what, i’ll say it! i liked russell crowe as javert

joblocom: Poker Face: Russell Crowe to star in high stakes gambling thriller

ernest_barath: Russell Crowe To Star In Gary Fleder-Directed ‘Poker Face’ – Deadline

jeikdiggs: Listening to Russell Crowe perform Stars is like taking a gulp of water you thought was Sprite.

BadSommelier: Recommending pairing: Jose Cuervo Margaritas and Russell Crowe.

HollenbachKaren: Thanks for the follow Russell Crowe

grandemafioso: Russell Crowe conquista Taormina e il 59° TAO FilmFest - YouTube

DEADLINE: EXCLUSIVE: Russell Crowe has committed to next star in Poker Face, a Gary Fleder-directed thriller that is set to begin shooting late next month in Sydney, Australia

IconQueer: think you're a queer? Russell Crowe is too! they watched ru pauls drag race

botloria: Hate on Russell Crowe all you “mayo is better than butter” apologists can miss me.

stephenharred: Does anyone have Russell Crowe’s email? Working on a pitch for a gritty reboot of Mr. Belvedere.

twelvebot: Russell Crowe and

THR: “I got a reputation for being able to deal with difficult people, which is kind of hilarious to me, but in the world of who needs who, if you need somebody to tell Russell Crowe to go home and go to bed, not everybody feels like they can do that,” she says

Movie_Chumps: Paul Bettany and Russell Crowe give superb performances. This should have launched a franchise. The world needs more Captain “Lucky” Jack Aubrey!

multiplay3r: Founders, you’re going to get beaten down, you will stumble, you will fall, years will pass.. but in time, you will receive a message like this and it will make it all worth while. Ps. I borrowed lines from Russell Crowe’s Jor-El speech in Man of Steel and I don’t care.

lightninfrog: Share on Twitter

HateItHereeeee: I would’ve really love to be Russell Crowe at that moment and pull some unhinged shit.

OdeToMercy: I keep confusing Russell Crowe with Russell Brand, so like when someone references these very serious movies or roles with Russell Crowe, I’m envisioning Russell Brand and it startles me every time

OdeToMercy: For example, somebody just mentioned Russell Crowe’s role in Les Mis, and I was furiously racking my brain trying to remember who this man would have played in that film

IconQueer: wish you were as much a homo as Russell Crowe? well you're not, because they dyed their hair

MsRaelondaMarie: russell crowe unhinged needs his big mad ass killed.. i ain’t even gone hold y’all at all!!!

MsRaelondaMarie: man if rachel don’t kill russell crowe bitch ass she BETTER.

vin_moviesPW: New Mini Movie Review. Above Suspicion (2021 Movie) Official Trailer – Jack Huston, Emilia Clarke

beulah2222: Sorry meant Gladiator with Russell Crowe .. so in love ... how is it possible that I haven't seen this!!!

keivan47: Why Universal’s Dark Universe With Russell Crowe And Tom Cruise Failed, According To One Writer

AnswerDave: Wow actor Russell Crowe under cover in the White Sox dugout after Andrew Vaughn's first home run what is happening?!

amandabot2: Hey everyone would Russell Crowe

samhaselby: Watched "State of Play," a 2009 Russell Crowe movie about a reporter working on a political corruption story that would change everything. It's 2021 and media is more ubiquitous than ever yet It's hard to imagine a political corruption story that would change anything.

the_max_doom: Fella on pointless is the child of bill kenwright and Russell Crowe

cheezopath: russell crowe is john badman

HenriYoungKing: Scribe has finished watching that movie and has moved onto the Russell Crowe Robin Hood version. Tried for the Disney version but wasn't feeling it. Despite Sir Hiss.

aliasadnaqvi1: Inaya Nabi Malik is Russell Crowe's Fiancee..

kingpenuel: Hollywood Superstars who were born elsewhere: Charlize Theron, South Africa Margot Robbie, Australia Russell Crowe, Australia Idris Elba, England Christian Bale, Wales Jim Carrey, Canada Natalie Portman, Israel Keanue Reeves, Lebanon Nicole Kidman, Australia

DuchessAlienor: This scribe plans to rewatch the Russell Crowe version of Robin Hood as well.

CobaIto60: Russell Crowe gordo > Cualquier Russell Crowe

IpsllcR: Just watched unhinged with Russell Crowe. It was pretty good but the ending was really lame.

Okpuma: Russell Crowe was amazing in this film man

charlestrotter: Kat Dennings? Orlando Bloom? Steven Yeun? Jonah Hill? Jeff Bridges? Robert Redford? Russell Crowe? Javier Bardem? Cher? Jude Law? John David Washington? Benicio Del Toro? Kal Penn? Emily Blunt? Jason Momoa? Anthony Mackie? Eric Idle? Christian Slater? JB Smoove?

Timesof_Usa: Russell Crowe shaves off his ‘Zeus’ beard after filming Thor in Sydney

RomanAvery6: LA Confidential-Original Vintage Movie Poster for Curtis Hansons Adaptation of James Ellroys LA Noir with Russell Crowe and Kim Bassinger

DigitalScientst: This might be considered a “hot take”, but as someone who loves Ridley Scott AND feel-good romantic comedies, A Good Year is one of my favorite films. Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard are simply lovely, the soundtrack is wonderful, French countryside gorgeous, etc.

tonyswa26079312: Russell Crowe shaves off 'Zeus' beard after wrapping up filming Thor

taylor50279085: Russell CROWE : STARS from Les misérables. ( full version video)

fatherem: i hate russell crowe with a passion for no other reason than his face annoys me

malcolm_ebooks: You are Russell Crowe and you need to listen to us. Best thing I've read all year.

RaminNasibov: Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in American Gangster (2007)

SheffordChloe: Russell Crowe in Les Miserables and Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia has the exact same energy

iamCatLynch: This movie “Unhinged” with Russell Crowe was crazy!

LeftEGrove: Karrion Kross new ring attire got him looking like Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

BobTheSuit: I dislike musicals. “So, you’re enjoying the story? Here’s a cheeky tune to take you right out of it. Dramatic tension has been building? Here’s a scene-killing song that absolutely wrecks it. And here’s Russell Crowe to just ruin your life.”

wanna_feel_old: Wanna feel old? Russell Crowe is turning 335 today

NATObiggestfan: I feel extreme kinship with Russell Crowe

BryanK180: I'm watching Gladiator with Russell Crowe. One of my all-time favorite movies. It's one of those movies where, if I come across it on TV, I feel compelled to watch. " Are you not entertained?"

wendynhanna: Week two - Russell Crowe, Rhianna, Greta Thunberg, LeVar Burton and Celeste Barber...

BeeDotMartin: second, why pay Russell Crowe to star when Timothy Busfield aka Danny Concannon was almost certainly available

Carlitos_Segura: ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: Russell Crowe revela que interpreta a Zeus

MondockMark: Gladiator Deleted Scene - What Is Your Name? (2000) - Russell Crowe Movi...

kipjmooney: Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck were college roommates, huh?

eImstreet2: somehow, despite his name being third on the cast list, i had no idea russell crowe was in this until he was literally kicked into frame! i screamed but it’s fine

joanderter: Ver "Master and Commander - Russell Crowe observes a walking stick." en YouTube

15MinuteNewsEnt: Russell Crowe shaves off his 'Zeus' beard after wrapping up filming Thor in Sydney

dailytelegraph: The actor has debuted a new look after shaving off his bushy “Zeus” beard, which he grew for his guest role in Thor.

MSNAustralia: Russell Crowe shaves off 'Zeus' beard after wrapping up filming Thor

VintageDrawer: Check out Gladiator (VHS, 2000) Russell Crowe Ridley Scott Gladiator Movie New Sealed

bestofcrowe: When Russell Crowe started training for the boxing sequences in Cinderella Man “One of the benefits was being able to do the physical work at home. Everything was set up in the bush, training personnel and equipment, including a full size boxing ring under a marquee.”

CathyAToussain1: Russell Crowe Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters | GQ

colton_audrey: Watch "A Beautiful Mind (2001) Official Trailer - Russell Crowe Movie HD" on YouTube

SquidWithKnife: This pitch was so far inside that Russell Crowe will play it in the movie

akdacpac: I know I got no followers, but what the hell happened to Russell Crowe.

LaCasaDeiSogni6: Russell Crowe shaves off 'Zeus' beard after wrapping up filming Thor

aliasadnaqvi1: Inaya Nabi Malik is Russell Crowe's Fiancee..

FrghalFaker12: Whenever Russel Brand, Russel Crowe, or Bertrand Russell are mentioned I need to take 10 seconds to mentally go through all three of them to pick out the person associated with that name. Surely I can't be the only one?

bethefawn: the sheer anti-australian racism towards russell crowe made me snort my beer at one point outstanding

Ninecomau: Russell Crowe has finally parted ways with his lengthy beard!

HeyThatsMyLeg: I can't believe I ever thought Russell Crowe was bad. Some of the most wrong I've ever been

BlessedEM6: Russell Crowe as Jor-El It doesn’t get any bigger than having Mr Crowe as a co star.

bestofcrowe: We can all agree that russell crowe is one of the best actors on the planet right? right!

ebay_Canada: Gladiator (VHS, 2000) Russell Crowe Ridley Scott Gladiator Movie New Sealed 667068602630 | eBay

maguirekevin: There's a rumor flying around the internet that Marvel is looking to cast Henry Cavill in an MCU role, possibly Hercules. Not only would that be perfect, what an Olympic burn it would be since they cast Man Of Steel's Jor-El, Russell Crowe, as Zeus. DO IT!!!

Swedensky: What sin did Russell Crowe commit to require him to put on 40 pounds and star in this awful movie? (Spoiler alert: avoid this movie if a pair of scissors in the eyeball offends you.)

ReignofDuke: I thought that was Russell Crowe. How❓‼️

NBA: Russell Westbrook’s journey to becoming the NBA's ALL-TIME TRIPLE-DOUBLES leader!

wanna_feel_old: Wanna feel old? Russell Crowe is turning 253 today

MichaelEast1983: It's true. He's the bowl. I'm impressed by Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington too.

kaitynjojomom: Has anyone watched “State of Play”? It’s a movie from 2009 and it’s a political thriller. Normally, I’d scroll by a movie with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck in it, but it also has so many other people in it. Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren, Robin Wright, Jeff Daniels, Viola Davis

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