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UsaJaun: Russell Crowe Believes Lucius Will Become Emperor in Sequel

Knight_Melody1: 'Gladiator 2': Russell Crowe Believes Lucius Will Become Emperor in Sequel

mookjuice: Bradley Cooper asking Deniro a question when he was just an acting student. He’d later go on to play his son in Silver Linings Playbook. Reminds me of Henry Cavill asking Russell Crowe for advice as a kid and the same thing happening to him

SoMovies: 'Gladiator 2': Russell Crowe Believes Lucius Will Become Emperor in Sequel

cosmonerdbr: Russell Crowe veste a batina no trailer de O Exorcista do Papa

jaredskolnick: Russell Crowe

screenrant: Russell Crowe opens up about not being asked to return in Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2 and admits to being jealous of the new lead star, Paul Mescal.

LadyLeveret: FindAKingEverywhere (gettit?!?) Film studios have announced a remake of Hitchcock’s classic The Birds. Leading roles by Russell Crowe, Steven Seagal and Ethan Hawke, with music by Taylor Swift.

DailyMailCeleb: Russell Crowe set to play one-off gig at Australia Zoo after wild romance rumours with Terri Irwin

1941littlecloud: Exorcists worry Russell Crowe movie will distort Vatican exorcist Gabriel Amorth | Catholic News Agency

com_blogdady: Russell Crowe to play at Australian zoo after Terry Irwin romance rumors

JonathanMoorma5: Russell Crowe don't like ya, he's fat

ExtraIRL: Russell Crowe gives his verdict on Paul Mescal starring in Gladiator sequel

darkbond33: never thought I'll see russell crowe aka maximus in a role like this can't wait to see it also didn't know there was part 2 of fan film friday the 13th veagance going to watch it later

dogshit95: Its horror schlock with Russell Crowe. They gotta nail this one.

haunted_news: Don't Know If Movie Good, But Real-Life Exorcist Story Is Interesting Movie is coming out in a few weeks about famed Exorcist Fr. Gabriel Amorth. I have no idea if the movie will be good, but I do know his real-life story is both fascinating & terrifying:

IrishMirror: "I hear that young fella Paul is a good dude and I wish him the best of luck with it"

cartes_et: Russell Crowe signed Gladiator 8x10 Movie Promo Photo JSA COA Vintage Auto B1133

tomlinsaint: why did I think that was russell crowe for a hot second

_btcV1: Russell Crowe new movie is based on real events. Wtf

MarcellSiahaan: Russell Crowe.

IrishStarUS: Hollywood star Russell Crowe admitted he feels "an edge of jealousy" towards Paul Mescal who is set to star in the sequel to Gladiator.

deadgomii: not a moment goes by where I’m not thinking about Russell Crowe

dorisorchid: True fans know if the real Russell Crowe is tweeting or if it is one of the fake accounts. I really hope he's not going to pay a single $ for that damn new worthless blue tick.

ThinkingAtheist: The Catholic church is worried that the new Russell Crowe movie will make exorcism look batshit crazy. (Who wants to tell them?)

BradBeGodlike: I actually wanna see some horror movies in the theater. I watched the last Evil Dead back in 2013 and I'm gonna see this one. That priest movie with Russell Crowe looks like an action flick, I'll be there!

ROBERTSILVA5768: A perfect movie. Russell Crowe played the ultimate good guy. Joaquin Phoenix played the perfect bad guy. Great fight scenes & the perfect ending to the movie. SPANIARD!!!!

kingofolous: I’m in, if only so I can work out what the fup is going on with Russell Crowe’s accent.

Chill87_: There’s a really good movie called “Proof of Life” with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe that everyone should watch.

eric_ebearden: Caitlin Clark I remember her name like Russell Crowe in movie GLADIATOR!Maybe it was about a woman Married to Emperor,she thought he was cheating!like Asian movie Curse of The Golden Flower!heard In GLADIATOR Russel Crowe was really talking about Barmaid popping Ballons with Butt

Tonicky123: Just thinking about if The Soprano's crew played D&D lol. Ralphie would just base his character on Russell Crowe from Gladiator and name him Ralpius or something.

Willsrankings97: 2001 Best Actor ranking 1. Tom Wilkinson, IN THE BEDROOM 2. Denzel Washington, TRAINING DAY 3. Russell Crowe, A BEAUTIFUL MIND 4. Will Smith,ALI 5. Sean Penn, I AM SAM

RealDavidLynch: Listen I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious about what Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe in late-night horror probably-trash looks like.

nibeditamohanty: 4. The role of Bud White was initially offered to William Baldwin, but he turned it down and it went to Russell Crowe instead.

nibeditamohanty: in a way that keeps the audience engaged and guessing until the very end. The film boasts a stellar cast, with standout performances from Kevin Spacey, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce and Kim Basinger, who won an Academy Award for her role as Lynn Bracken.

popgeeks: SLEEPING DOGS: Karen Gillan And More Cast For Russell Crowe-Led Oz Crime Pic

ChiliNeill02: Russell Crowe playing uber serious roles makes me laugh uncontrollably

TheSunTV: Lots of unusual things happened as we filmed exorcism movie, says Crowe

WrestlingPW: This Thursday it’s Bigger! Better! Burbankier! when Wrestling Pro Wrestling Presents: Russell Crowe Wrestling: RussellMania III *Russell Crowe will not be wrestling! Only a few tickets are left

PearlRiverFlow: Another way me and Russell Crowe are alike

OnHoldMusic1: Entrepreneur: Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe had quite the afternoon after trying to stop at a Japanese steakhouse in Melbourne, Australia following a game of tennis.

AAE_Entrepreu: Entrepreneur: Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe had quite the afternoon after trying to stop at a Japanese steakhouse in Melbourne, Australia following a game of tennis.

hoodsubaru4: Jonathan Frakes could easily play gladiator or really Russell Crowe in any movie, but Russell Crowe could not play William Riker

MintyCatAttack: It's borderline criminal that he's usually overlooked by people. He was one of the greatest military leaders AND presidents in American history and there's not really a ton of negative about him. He also looks a lot like Russell Crowe lol.

NicoleB84155868: Russell Crowe in "The Next Three Days" (2010)

wowElliewow: So Ryan Gosling can go find a younger, tighter Ariana Grande and make money from filming shit pedo movies with Russell Crowe's ghost after his son Heath Ledger died.

TheHallWay1: Russell Crowe in The Nice Guys (2016)

childvoodoo5: The best Russell Crowe performance

247Catholic: Here’s what real exorcists are saying about Russell Crowe’s Vatican exorcist movie

LucienGreaves: The International Association of Exorcists is concerned a forthcoming Hollywood film may overdramatize and fictionalize their professional efforts to cast spells that inhibit disembodied monsters from parasitically overtaking humans to enact Satan's will.

ATRightMovies: Russell Crowe knocking his line delivery out the park with one of the most famous lines from GLADIATOR.

BelovedOfOizys: Forget Kirk Douglas, forget Russell Crowe. The ultimate modern gladiator is America's dad...

paulswhtn: this Russell Crowe exorcism movie…chile

bestofcrowe: Russell Crowe’s back after carrying the entire entertainment industry

TopicLords: Only 90s kids will remember: Not using Twitter in a while and Twitter emails you about what Russell Crowe is doing lately. (Ep.137)

GichuGuan: Tony Scott x Denzel Spike Lee x Denzel Ridley Scott x Russell Crowe Tarantino x Sam L Jackson Soderbergh x Don Cheadle

cnalive: The International Association of Exorcists says the film seems to fall under the category of "splatter cinema," which it calls a "sub-genre of horror" — an approach they say distorts what is really a "joyful event."

EvaNova02683003: there was very little time to meet the villagers this week, I wish you all a relaxing weekend! I've been thinking all week, what character, personality Russell Crowe has not played yet in his life ??????

newbeverly: Are you not entertained? Russell Crowe stars in Ridley Scott's GLADIATOR (2000), screening in 35mm today, Friday March 24th, at 2:00pm.

EurasiaReview: Here's What Real Exorcists Are Saying About Russell Crowe's Vatican Exorcist Movie

RiverCityDragon: The Russell Crowe Show episode of South Park still makes me laugh at loud

BloodstainedMen: Russell Crowe comes from Australia, a country that rejected infant circumcision back in the 20th century.

NCRegister: The International Association of Exorcists voiced concern that the film seems to fall under the category of “splatter cinema,” which it calls a “sub-genre of horror.”

VileZero: 51. Gladiator. My first time watching this! Holy cow, what a great flick!! Great action, and a really thrilling revenge story. Russell Crowe kills it in this. And the music is legendary.

imdthakore: Is that Russell Crowe?

handheldhands: Just found out Russell Crowe didn’t play wolverine I feel so betrayed and crushed

DermotKeyes: Boy, do I love Russell Crowe in 'Gladiator' but Tom Hanks ought to have won his third Oscar in 2001 for 'Cast Away'. The performance of a lifetime. Just phenomenal.

NicoleB84155868: Russell Crowe in "Insider" (2000)

canberratimes: Oscar-winning actor and musician Russell Crowe is bringing a show to the Canberra Theatre Centre

PopCulture: 'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Tommy Flanagan to Star in Thriller Movie

Nate_Lopez: Honestly! A beautiful mind is Russell Crowe’s best work I honestly think it’s better than Gladiator.

emmkick: however, incredibly anti-me that Russell Crowe’s fat Italian priest turn is a horror film that I could not watch without having nightmares. let him give tours of Santa Maria Maggiore or something!

indianloonie: Go to grocery store. Get beat up by Russell Crowe. Got to cruise ship. Get beat up by Russell Crowe. Go to gas station. Get beat up by Russell Crowe. Go to NFL game. Get beat up by Russell Crowe. Go to FLorida. Get beat up by Russell Crowe. Go to NYC. Get beat up by Russell Crowe

zflixnetwork: Russell Crowe makes a surprise appearance in the film as Zeus, king of the Greek gods.

TommyFlanagan: ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Star Tommy Flanagan Joins Russell Crowe Movie ‘Sleeping Dogs’ – Deadline

DEADLINE: EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Flanagan has signed on to star alongside Academy Award winner Russell Crowe, Karen Gillan, Marton Csokas and more in the crime thriller 'Sleeping Dogs' from Nickel City Pictures

AngelaShilvock: I’ve always wondered what Russell Crowe dressed as a priest riding and scooter would look like.

Upcoming_Action: Coming soon: Russell Crowe treads the boards as Oliver Leamington Spa, a gangster with a chance to start again, possessed by the way fish move in Showtime's 'Sailors Of The Empty Breath: A Space Odyssey' HIGHLY RATED TRIUMPH!!!

anniegrujich: Joaquin Phoenix while everybody crowds Russell Crowe at the end of Gladiator

BrownBoyWonders: Sanjay Dutt looks like Russell Crowe now

TReese82: APR.7 B-DAYS:Happy 59th B-Day to Movie Actor Russell Crowe!

floornostroszek: i unfortunately love to sing and i can feel exactly how hard russell crowe is straining to hit the notes man i know, it's ok

samtwyfordmoore: I highly recommend the show. It's a wild, careening night! I wrote up the test drive that happened earlier in the year:

floornostroszek: russell crowe sounds like jello biafra

floornostroszek: bea as russell crowe as javert talking to that dead kid: "i'm gonna be honest with you spider, i'm gonna kill myself"

EvaNewcastle: Tonight’s feature presentation is: AMERICAN GANGSTER (2007) starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Directed by Ridley Scott. Wishing everyone a pleasant evening!

RetrospectiveHH: Been watching Random Russell Crowe movies for no reason the past couple days. 3 of them “coincidentally” have scenes with Skinheads mad at Asians but the best one was about a Blind Photographer.

voterrights4us: Russell Crowe

clarkjoes: Wdym russell crowe was 35 in gladiator akskaka sorry but thats a 40 year old man

Ifubaraboye_: Denzel Washington Tom Hanks Russell Crowe

DavDav1228: hell you could throw in Russell Crowe for Master & Commander, Billy Bob Thornton for Bad Santa and Will Ferrell for Elf too whilst we're at it - what a year

reginacalabrese: Russell Crowe is one of the worst popular actors alive and I'm not sure why anybody ever let him in front of a camera.

NicoleB84155868: Russell Crowe in "American Gangster" (2007)

ChrispDuzIt: Wait why they giving Russell Crowe an exorcist lmfaooo who greenlit that shit?

YouthHockeyHub: MN Youth State PWA Semifinals "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!?" Who did it better? Retweet/Like for Warroad's Brayden Dale Comment for Russell Crowe

scottop5dogs: Gaelic Storm - "The Night I Punched Russell Crowe" - YouTube

HolmesAndBotson: BREAKING: Russell Crowe and Corey Taylor to helm new Sherlock film MR. HOLMES

JesseSpots: Hey guys Russell Crowe is coming to the east coast. Uh ... you forget Knoxville? Nashville? Atlanta???

JesseSpots: Post your favorite RUSSELL CROWE song on this thread guys! Lets see if he feels the LOVE.

KappaVision: Oops I meant Russell Crowe Lol

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