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  • Venik44: robert gates: ronald reagan warned europe against letting russia build energy pipelines
  • B4llfart: hey siri, is ronald reagan dead?
  • Goodlibanswer: is it even possible to win minnesota as ronald reagan in 1988?
  • Zzabi30: how my father, ronald reagan, grappled with abortion even as his beliefs on abortion shaped global policy, he was never entirely at peace with the issue. by patti davis from nyt opinion
  • Faketakedump: chowmein wonkey ifb tumblr cordage ronald reagan rrvrcxbw are passing burlap dog poo love vehicle cashapp or trail. don't fart crooked hillary waste thee corrspond hernia retard floki inu astromaster kissing diarrhea smash be a apple ifb stupid smells cleaning teacher
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