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Richard Crashaw (c. 1613 – 21 August 1649), was an English poet, teacher, Anglican cleric and Catholic convert, who was among the major figures associated with the metaphysical poets in seventeenth-century English literature.

Crashaw was the son of a famous Anglican divine with Puritan beliefs who earned a reputation as a hard-hitting pamphleteer and polemicist against Roman Catholicism. After his father's death, Crashaw was educated at Charterhouse School and Pembroke College, Cambridge. After taking a degree, Crashaw taught as a fellow at Peterhouse, Cambridge and began to publish religious poetry that expressed a distinct mystical nature and an ardent Christian faith.

Crashaw was ordained as a clergyman in the Church of England and in his theology and pra...
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Richard Crashaw Poems

  • Music's Duel
    Now westward Sol had spent the richest beams
    Of noon's high glory, when, hard by the streams
    Of Tiber, on the scene of a green plat,
    Under protection of an oak, there sat ...
  • In The Holy Nativity Of Our Lord
    Come we shepherds whose blest sight
    Hath met love's noon in nature's night;
    Come lift we up our loftier song ...
  • To The Name Above Every Name, The Name Of Jesus
    I sing the Name which None can say
    But touchâ??t with An interiour Ray:
    The Name of our New Peace; our Good:
    Our Blisse: and Supernaturall Blood: ...
  • Verses From The Shepherds' Hymn
    WE saw Thee in Thy balmy nest,
       Young dawn of our eternal day;
    We saw Thine eyes break from the East,
       And chase the trembling shades away: ...
  • Upon The Book And Picture Of The Seraphical Saint Teresa
    O THOU undaunted daughter of desires!
    By all thy dower of lights and fires;
    By all the eagle in thee, all the dove;
    By all thy lives and deaths of love; ...
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Comments about Richard Crashaw

  • Recessioncone: mack wilberg set this metaphysical poetry (richard crashaw) to music in 2008 and motab performed it using the community of christ's temple in independence as cover art.
  • Darnayjesse: for in love’s field was never found, a nobler weapon than a wound. love’s passives, are his activ’st part, the wounded is the wounding-heart. —richard crashaw (1612-1649)
  • Mollyboot1: — richard crashaw, ‘lo, the full, final sacrifice’ (v.2)
  • Books_in_pants: new perspectives on the life and art of richard crashaw in your pants
  • Isidro_li: but thou giv’st leave, dread lord, that we take shelter from thyself in thee; and with the wings of thine own dove fly to thy sceptre of soft love. — richard crashaw
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