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  • Beauty Of Life
    Life becomes vibrant
    when you bring cheers,
    Life becomes soothing
    when you give someone a hand, ...
  • My Only Love
    My love my mother,
    my strength my mother,
    my backbone is none but my mother.
  • The Language Of Eyes
    Life is eminent with you,
    and it is felt only with few,
    I cherish those moments,
    that brings me closer to you, ...
  • Truth
    I live in you,
    I die in you.
    Diving in your love,
    living like, no tomorrow, ...
  • Limitless
    You are boundless and incredible,
    just the fire within, needs to spread,
    tears need to be thread,
    so that you align for the spring. ...
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Reshmi Sudhakumar Quotes

  • "Self-love and self-awareness are the paths to self realisation, which ultimately leads to god realisation. Face challenges of life with courage. Nothing will stop you from winning the race."
  • Spiritual seekers are of two types: One who is devoted to god and one searching for the true self.
  • I would like to thank all of you for making this journey successful. May god continue to shower his blessings on us. Let us stay united to beat the obstacles of life.
  • "Self realisation through three steps: Completion of taken task or duties to realise the obstacles in life like fear, anxiety. Meditation to concentrate on inner peace. Knowledge to become aware that it is only bliss that exists."
  • Welcome life as it comes since, it is the only way for realising the potentials in you. Never think of results or praises just do. God will assist you always, keep faith.
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