Who is Rajmoi Phukan

Rajmoi hails from Jorhat, Assam, India. Graduating as an engineer, he launched himself to an endless quest of poetry. Rajmoi is a young and ebullient poet, who has his own vision to see the surrounding. What differentiates him as a poet is the way he developed poetry inside him. His poems mostly cover the topics of love, death and erotica....
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  • Blame
    Not even in secret, not to my own heart
    But from my lips, these words start.
    And from my pen these words flow as I write
    Tears fall down my eyes with blurry sight. ...
  • A Song
    I fly, I fly, I fly, I fly
    Away towards the bright sky,
    O–the one who gave me wings
    For you, my heart sings. ...
  • A Promise To Keep
    Tell me to live, and I'll live
    As a lover's hue,
    Or ask me love, and I'll give
    A loving heart to you. ...
  • A Poet's Love
    What is love? that I don't know
    But all I know, is this
    That, love is like a song
    Which lasts longer than a kiss. ...
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