Who is Qurasha Rajkumar

Qurasha Rajkumar is a Communication and English Lecturer, Poet and Freelance Arts Journalist from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. She is currently working on her debut novel....
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Qurasha Rajkumar Poems

  • Mask
    A defeated Amazon,
    Walking amongst masked phantoms
    All she saw were terrifying reflections
    Of her shattered inner self ...
  • Redemption
    I lay in insomnia's arms
    as grief ran around my house.
    Memory peered through my windows
    whilst shame and regret knocked on the door. ...
  • Tears
    Your rejection was swift!
    One neat blow to the heart.
    The weapon: your ice cold words.
    The damage: futile ...
  • Untitled
    darkness descends,
    like a cloaked malevolent being.
    his expectations suffocate me,
    his thorns pierce my flesh ...
  • Solitude
    I flex my wings
    I'm ready to fly away,
    Seek asylum elsewhere.
    All roads lead me to this cave. ...
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