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  • Remedial
    i fill up the blanks with the words like action,
    it is silent with no apparent sound effect,sometime little doings and small steps are enough;
    dreams winging as light as autumn clouds in the virtuous sky convey the soul to the enormous space;
    the language of heart is universal and it speaks in silence carrying messages in pulsation caught in a pulse ...
  • Status Quo
    falses and pretensions violent now
    and do
    play hideous role
    to venomous climax; ...
  • Persona
    Some one is pulling off my ribs
    one after another
    the bleeding is mine;
    memories scattered here and there ...
  • Freedom Of Choice
    Let free will
    move freely
    breaking all the chains of sufferings
    and let soul be saturated with love and care seeking for beauty. ...
  • Lost And Found
    In search of solitude
    we meet here and build up artificial gatherings.

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