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  • Astrophel And Stella - Sonnet Lvi
    Fy, schoole of Patience, fy! your Lesson is
    Far, far too long to learne it without booke:
    What, a whole weeke without one peece of looke,
    And thinke I should not your large precepts misse! ...
  • Astrophel And Stella - Sonnet Cviii
    When Sorrow (vsing mine owne fiers might)
    Melts downe his lead into my boyling brest
    Through that darke furnace to my hart opprest,
    There shines a ioy from thee my only light: ...
  • Astrophel And Stella - Sonnet Lxxxv
    I see the house, (my heart thy selfe containe!)
    Beware full sailes drowne not thy tottring barge,
    Least ioy, by nature apt sprites to enlarge,
    Thee to thy wracke beyond thy limits straine; ...
  • Astrophel And Stella - Sonnet Xliv
    My words I know do well set forth my minde;
    My mind bemones his sense of inward smart;
    Such smart may pitie claim of any hart;
    Her heart, sweet heart, is of no tygres kind: ...
  • Astrophel And Stella - Sonnet Xxxvii
    My mouth doth water, and my breast doth swell,
    My tongue doth itch, my thoughts in labour be:
    Listen then, lordings, with good ear to me,
    For of my life I must a riddle tell. ...
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Sweet 44 Place 36 Face 35 Mind 30 Good 30 Delight 25 Long 23 True 22 High 18 Sense 17

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