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Vice presidential campaigns2012

Speaker of the House...
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  • Jerrydunleavy: new: tiktok’s army of lobbyists includes a former republican senator, a former gop congressman, a former democratic senator, a former dem congressman, & at least 31 former capitol hill staffers (for pelosi, mccarthy, schumer, paul ryan, harry reid, etc.).
  • Rubysparkzs: i hate my taste in men. it usually goes from ryan reynolds to adam driver to paul dano to adam sandler to jack black to zach galifianakis and then to skinny pete
  • Avengerresister: rand paul wants to repeal the espionage act. i’m asking kentucky to repeal rand paul once and for all. vote.
  • Canindependent: another canadian doctor, dr. ryan buyting who was only 26 years old passed away on july 27, 2022.
  • Stretchmac85: good idea. mccarthy won't do that... he's paul ryan lite.
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