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  • Guadalquivir
    In a pleasureless world, pure pleasure exists.
    Particles of sunlight, exquisite with nightdrops &
    leaves stringent with dew,
    persuade tributaries with inset eyes ...
  • Peculiar Morning
    As if every living thing lived, breathed
    its existence
    explained why water took the shape
    of a container, ...
  • Animals And The Stars
    Crickets are a strange place,
    cricks of dew hemmed
    with hoar-frost
    mushrooming by a door. ...
  • Perhaps
    Perhaps the sky once was shadows,
    the moon lisped 'mongst April's song.
    Now, those warm lips ease
    departing sorrow ...
  • Trout Lake Hotel
    The walls don't lack sincerity, here,
    or be accused of "ordinary,"
    what with the bleached remains
    of a carbon skull, a yellowing pike head ...
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