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I am currently 13 and I love to write...
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  • The Sunset Of My Dreams
    The Stars are shining in the sky,
    The shadows are going up high,
    The river is in a shade of blue,
    The leaves are rustling as if on cue, ...
  • War-a Sin
    Ares comes with a victory,
    With all the fighting and trickery.
    The dead bodies lying on the field,
    And relatives crying tears of grief. ...
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  • Living in peace doesn't only mean living in peaceful places, It means living within your soul in any chaotic place.
  • Some people don't miss the chance to take the world, others are just mistakes in the world
  • Some people just don't under stand you, Becaude that's their stand under you.
  • Weak People Give Mercy , But Great People Give Forgiveness
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Shailesh G Jain: Well written poem with good thought process....
Quotes are also meaningful

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