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  • When The Heart Is Clouded
    When the heart is clouded,
    It's sun stops to shine,
    And when the mind's crowded,
    There would be no place to mine. ...
  • Haughty Flower
    The haughty flower (Pantoum).

    Just because your beauty sets abloom,
    You sit amidst the rosy flowers, ...
  • Letter To 2018
    Oh you thought this would be formal
    Did I tell you I was normal
    After you left with no address?
  • In Loving Memory Of An Elder Statesman (yusuf Maitama)

    He varnished second of the seventh winter,
    The north went frozen and media lost her voice, ...
  • Kareema (magnificence)
    Even in my writer's right,
    Am I justified to write;
    About the rose in her eyes;
    Or take a slice of her spice? ...
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