Who is Oluwa Olaseni

Name:Fashola Oluwasegun Olaseni. Nationality: Nigerian. State Of Origin:Ogun State. ...
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Oluwa Olaseni Poems

  • Voice
    How much I love to hear you speak,and call my name,
    the way your lips,tongue and mouth forms letters and words,
    those sensual tones,that utters sweet sounds,
    that resonate in my ears. ...
  • Omitted
    Just like that of a free wind was she,
    like a soaring kite was she,
    I wonder where she could be.
    We were led by the path we took ...
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Oluwa Olaseni Quotes

  • "Don't buy yourself into nonsense, because you will become insecure,resentful and competitive".
  • "One man's probability of death,is another man's probability for a life".
  • "Always leave behind fear and doubt, And take the final step to bravery".
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