Nikki Giovanni Good Poems

  • 1.
    The laws of science teach us a pound of gold weighs as
    much as a pound of flour though if dropped from any
    undetermined height in their natural state one would
    reach bottom and one would fly away
  • 2.
    it's not the crutches we decry
    it's the need to move forward
    though we haven't the strength

  • 3.
    Some people forget that love is
    tucking you in and kissing you
    'Good night'
    no matter how young or old you are
  • 4.
    I love you
    because the Earth turns round the sun
    because the North wind blows north
  • 5.
    so he said: you ain't got no talent
    if you didn't have a face
    you wouldn't be nobody

  • 6.
    they clapped when we landed
    thinking africa was just an extension
    of the black world
    they smiled as we taxied home to be met
  • 7.
    Childhood rememberances are
    always a drag if you're Black
    you always remember things like
    living in Woodlawn with no inside toilet
  • 8.
    I wrote a good omelet...and ate
    a hot poem... after loving you
    Buttoned my car...and drove my
    coat the rain...
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