Who is Nidhi Sharma

A wanderer in the emotions and looking for the abundance the imaginations has to offer....
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  • Intimacy
    What a feeling of shelter and infinite rest;
    When you kissed me on the neck and brought me close to your chest.

    Flashed up as a flame, from my heart to my cheek; ...
  • "panademic Stories To Tell When We Turn Grey And Old"
    The word lockdown may sound like oppression,
    for some of is sort of deep depression,
    But for few like me, we feel a deep connection.
  • "you All Stay Home And Stay Safe".
    "Stay Home". This was what you ordered.
    This is what i wish to obey.
    I want to reach home but can you please tell me how to get there?
  • "pain In Disdain"
    Here's to the lonely girl,
    waiting to let past the long day;
    Hiding her tears behind the curl,
    as there isn't too much to say. ...
  • My Feelings Are Blamed
    When you couldn't even keep it true,
    what did forever mean to you?
    Words just pulled from air,
    when you said you'll always be there. ...
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Robert Retrail: spending piece of work
Narendra: Amazing words. So relevant. Shows empathy and compassion with what a t people are suffering.
Sandeep : Ineffably talented you are Nidhi.
Keep writing .
Sakshi: Beautiful and meaningful poems..
Sakshi: Beautiful and meaningful poems..
Shaziya: Wow Beautiful..
Arun : Superbb !!!
Tarun mehrotra : Beautiful and expressive lines ..
Anoop Pandey: Awesome Poem mam
AMIT JHALA: Wow .... U are too good.... I really like it

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