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  • Running Amok
    In the slums of Tondo, people dwell
    in shacks of cardboard, bits of bamboo,
    corrugated metal, and a few cement blocks.
  • Little Brown Brother
    I've always wanted to play the part
    of that puckish pubescent Filipino boy

    in those John Wayne Pacific-War movies. ...
  • Capis Windows
    How do you enter that Manila
    frame of mind, that woven
    mat of noodle house restaurants,
  • Grammarotics
    The angle of delight is best
    achieved while rubbing

    the pluperfect button ...
  • Ay, Que Dolo!
    Dona Josefina has thrown my goat
    out onto the calle El Fez--
    Ay! The menu of pain is as big
    as a queen-sized aha umbrella. ...
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  • Drjuma_m: before nick ndeda,there was dennis okari,the somali guy and pablo escobar,
  • Lernerville: joey zambotti takes the win in millerstown pic-a-part heat two followed by nick kocuba, heath close, wayne carbo, sam eichelberger, brett mcdonald, jake dietz and james bertges
  • Octquintanilla: friday | people’s poetry festival | reading w natalia trevino, nick carbó, joshua hamilton, & andrea hempstead. visit website for more info:
  • Browtweaten: if carbo hydrate why bread dry
  • Kenyapics: sunset pose at haller park, mombasa. photo by nick haller
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