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  • Running Amok
    In the slums of Tondo, people dwell
    in shacks of cardboard, bits of bamboo,
    corrugated metal, and a few cement blocks.
  • Little Brown Brother
    I've always wanted to play the part
    of that puckish pubescent Filipino boy

    in those John Wayne Pacific-War movies. ...
  • Capis Windows
    How do you enter that Manila
    frame of mind, that woven
    mat of noodle house restaurants,
  • Grammarotics
    The angle of delight is best
    achieved while rubbing

    the pluperfect button ...
  • Ay, Que Dolo!
    Dona Josefina has thrown my goat
    out onto the calle El Fez--
    Ay! The menu of pain is as big
    as a queen-sized aha umbrella. ...
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  • Bravinyuri: ksh.550 million allocated to football kenya federation (fkf) was looted and ksh. 8.5 million transferred to nick mwendwa’s personal account, a special probe report reveals.
  • Allannyash: police arrested mwendwa just in the nick of time.
  • Gabrieloguda: the mistake nick mwendwa did was to imagine the gov't was his agemate. he's currently inside a subaru outback going to dci to sing like a canary. it's so declassified.
  • Nelsonmullins: an article in the wall street journal discusses the regaining strength of the office sector. boca raton partner david itskovich, assisted by associate nick carbo, represented the landlord with lease negotiations in miami.
  • Jamrick_: yaani nick mwendwa ana embezzle such amount of money,players wakilipwa 700bob each. walai what is this country we living in bana!
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