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Nicholas Breton (also Britton or Brittaine) (1545–1626), English poet and novelist, belonged to an old family settled at Layer Breton, Essex.

Life His father, William Breton, a London merchant who had made a considerable fortune, died in 1559, and the widow (née Elizabeth Bacon) married the poet George Gascoigne before her sons had attained their majority. Nicholas Breton was probably born at the "capitall mansion house" in Red Cross Street, in the parish of St Giles without Cripplegate, mentioned in his father's will.

There is no official record of his residence at the university, but the diary of the Rev. Richard Madox tells us that he was at Antwerp in 1583 and was "once of Oriel College." He married Ann Sutton in 1593, and had a family. He...
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Nicholas Breton Poems

  • A Sweet Contention Between Love, His Mistress, And Beauty
    Love and my mistress were at strife
    Who had the greatest power on me:
    Betwixt them both, oh, what a life!
    Nay, what a death is this to be! ...
  • A Report Song In A Dream
    A Report Song in a Dream, between a shepherd and his nymph

    Shall we go dance the hay? The hay?
    Never pipe could ever play ...
  • Phyllida And Corydon
    In the merry month of May,
    In a morn by break of day,
    With a troop of damsels playing
    Forth I rode, forsooth, a-maying, ...
  • A Sweet Pastoral
    Good Muse, rock me asleep
    With some sweet harmony;
    The weary eye is not to keep
    Thy wary company. ...
  • A Sweet Lullaby
    Come, little babe; come, silly soul,
    Thy father's shame, thy mother's grief,
    Born, as I doubt, to all our dole
    And to thyself unhappy chief: ...
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  • Empyreanseries: « “it is now may, and the sweetness of the air refresheth every spirit: the sunny beams bring forth fair blossoms, and the dripping clouds water flora’s great garden: the male deer puts out the velvet head, and the pagged doe is near her fawning » fantasticks nicholas breton
  • Kevblue777: and phillida, with garlands gay, was made the lady of the may. –nicholas breton (1545–1626)
  • Ken_nicholas: i actually wouldn’t go. my sister and brother-in-law are in from cape breton and it would, literally, blow their minds to go! so, please choose me. thank you!
  • Platospupil: and phillida, with garlands gay, was made the lady of the may. –nicholas breton (1545–1626)
  • Yumico2tx: “it is now may. it is the month wherein nature hath her fill of mirth and the senses are filled with delights. i conclude it is from the heavens, a grace, and to earth, a gladness.” – nicholas breton may this new month bring you lots of smiles and joy.☀️
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