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Nathan Assan

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  • 1.  
    Birth and death,time and space
    Defines man's existence as just a phase
    Battle cries at birth,signifies the task ahead
    Wild imaginations at childhood,the creator's given tool for man to discover his worth
  • 2.  
    Standards and rules like a cage set boundaries for ourselves
    And stifles individuality
    When one falls out of these boundaries,we call him defective
    Different and unconforming,we set them aside
  • 3.  
    Knock-knock whose there?
    It's your liver
    Liver who?
    Liver who about to leave you soon
  • 4.  
    ANN COVA, wipe the slate clean
    Take another stab,and try to stay clean
    Uncover these scars,and try to break free
    Covered mirrors show no reflections,just fakes real
  • 5.  
    The winter night was dawning
    Folded in sheets, catching some zzzs
    Was it heaven?
    I was nearly eleven,my youth just flaring
  • 6.  
    If we had five more minutes
    300 seconds to spend in eternity and worth it
    Fleeting seconds like heart beats in the silence
    We would silence every thing else and lay in emotional spins
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