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  • The Devil's Puppets
    Strive to achieve your true self they say
    No this isn't you the real you is trapped inside they say
    Yet one sip of sin tastes far better than 10 gallons of good
    One snuff of cigar and a negger is hooked ...
  • Bottled Up
    Am so good at hiding my feelings
    To good at looking steady but erupting on the inside
    Pain,anger,anxiety all bottled within
    Sometimes they try to escape then I tighten the lid ...
  • Multiple Statuses
    Yes or no......yea or ney
    Can't really decided double minded
    Maybe I suffer from an identity defect
    Multiple statuses,happy one moment and sad the next ...
  • Room 456
    Moving through the apartments of my mind
    Thoughts like my four wheel drive
    A Condo maybe, but room 456 is a don't go
    All this pain grew into beasts,are you also imagining a jungle? ...
  • Tik Tok
    Birth and death,time and space
    Defines man's existence as just a phase
    Battle cries at birth,signifies the task ahead
    Wild imaginations at childhood,the creator's given tool for man to discover his worth ...
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Thelma: Knock knock... Should be on all cigerrate packs
Thelma : Great work
Illona: Nice piece, great work
Derrick: Great Job

Derrick Donkor: Great Job
Derrick Donkor: Great Job

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