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    It's the best of all lights
    It has the energy to light
    When you looked at me i saw light
    Brighter into my sights
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    Love promises that the words you say today-
    You will later repeat them the next day.
    I wish to be in your empire
    When am your empress,you be my emperor
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Elizabeth Wisdom: Quite impressive. Keep it up
mafabi : so emotional
mafabi : so emotional
Patiemaryn Pato: A little more effort
Shivan Kyomuhendo: For the whole of my life I've always adored Kibirige Desire Edward. The Poet of centuries so am proud that he has touched on you and inspired you. I love you poems, Nambozo Shakira. How I wish i could reach out to Kibirige Desire Edward, but he is already courting you so wish you people the best of Luck.

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