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Chantel Muwi is a girl born in August 2003 on the 28th day.she was born in Zimbabwe at chitungwiza hospital. Grew up in mutare Mutasa district. Raised by her grandma . She is the Second daughter in her family Studied at st james zongoro primary and finished her o level at harare high school she started writing at 14. She is an art lover. ...
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  • If Anyone See My Grandma
    If anyone see my grandma,
    Tell her in still in this life
    But still dreaming of success I haven't arrived at.
    Tell her she is the mother ...
  • Just A Dream
    I jumped! out of those days
    The ones from which I knew you.
    It was love that you ever showed me
    And memories of you and me. ...
  • The Hood
    Everyone is a hustler.
    Young? There is no such.
    We toil and our space is the Luna park.
    Where happiness is melancholy. ...
  • Candidate Number
    As I sit on the desk,
    I see you resting like a disk.
    On my table you sit,
    I think you are sick. ...
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