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Morris Rosenfeld (Yiddish: מאָריס ראָסענפֿעלד; born as Moshe Jacob Alter; December 28, 1862 in Stare Boksze in Russian Poland, government of Suwałki – June 22, 1923 in New York City) was a Yiddish poet.

His work sheds light on the living circumstances of emigrants from Eastern Europe in New York's tailoring workshops.

He was educated at Boksha, Suwałki, and Warsaw. He worked as a tailor in New York and London and as a diamond cutter in Amsterdam, and settled in New York in 1886, after which he was connected with the editorial staffs of several leading Jewish newspapers. During the 1890s he wrote song parodies for the Yehuda Katzenelenbogen Music Publishing Company in New York, including Nokhn ball (After the Ball), Di pawnshop (Faryomert farklogt) and...
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Morris Rosenfeld Poems

  • I've Often Laughed
    I've often laughed and oftener still have wept,
    A sighing always through my laughter crept,
    Tears were not far away...
    What is there to say? ...
  • Whither?
    (To a Young Girl)

    Say whither, whither, pretty one?...
  • What Is The World?
    Well, say you the world is a chamber of sleep,
    And life but a sleeping and dreaming?
    Then I too would dream: and would joyously reap
    The blooms of harmonious seeming;...
  • Want And I
    Who's there? who's there? who was it tried
    To force the entrance I've denied?
    An 'twere a friend, I'd gladly borne it,
    But no-'twas Want! I could have sworn it....
  • To The Fortune Seeker
    A little more, a little less!-
    O shadow-hunters pitiless,
    Why then so eager, say!
    What'er you leave the grave will take,...
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Eileenemelie: morris rosenfeld
Eileenemelie: morris rosenfeld, c. 1940s
Daniel_red_eire: morris rosenfeld, 1938
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