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Hajo Mubarak Hamid Mohammed was born in Alfaki Hamid (Abugoota) on the 25th of December 1978. Nationality: Sudanese Religion: Muslim and Married with two lovely daughters. Have a PhD in English Language and Literature obtained from Butana University in August 2018. Worked in the following educational institutions: Shaqra University – College of Science and Humanities – Saudi Arabia English Lecturer (2014 – present) • Alkhleej Training and Education Company - Shaqra University Project Preparatory Year Deanship (2012-2014) - Saudi Arabia English Language Lecturer • Gezira University - Faculty of Education – Hasahisa (2010 to 2012) - Sudan Apart-time Lecturer • Academy of Health Hasahisa – Sudan (2011 – 2012) Apart-time Lecturer • UNESCO Institut...
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  • An Autumn Festival
    Look around! you can see pleasure yields
    Come from huts and green fields
    People have sung and planted seeds
    Rain fills the water for free feeds ...
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