Minu Chaudhary Friend Poems

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    A brother is a built-in relative, a built-in partner, a built-in friend and sometimes a built-in pest..

    He automatically shares ur last name,ur parents,ur house,ur toys,ur secrets and sometimes even ur good looks..

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    Scream your heart full of pain,
    If you want something to gain..
    Scream your mind full of joy,
    If you want something to enjoy..
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    A friend is someone who knows what you like,
    A companion is the one who offers you before you demand..
    A saviour is someone who helps you when you are in trouble,
    A companion is the one who doesn't let trouble knock the door..
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Never 4 Friend 3 Away 3 Heart 3 Feel 3 Face 3 Soul 2 Brave 2 Decide 2 Remember 2

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