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PJM_data: In the photo, Jimin is wearing a Gucci Bomber jacket which he also wore in the official MV of Billboard's Hot 100 No. 1 song "Dynamite". Jimin was highly praised by leading overseas media outlets as "The Second Coming of the Disco King", reminiscent of the late Michael Jackson.

Enderpy_: just lost my homie jared, gonna go cry to his favourite song, bad, by michael jackson.

CAH_ebooks: in michael jackson's final moments, he thought about passing a kidney stone.

galacticseok: michael jackson was so talented that i could call it a blessing. he was BEYOND our time, especially when this dropped

cntlethagetaway: stranger in moscow is top 5 in michael jackson's discography.

g0ssips_era: Here some real documentaries: square one:

wqtsradio: Michael Jackson - People Make The World Go Round

1STOPSP0RT: Revealed: Tigers’ shock left-field plan for new signing Hastings

wniabbr: Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana

design_jacket: Invincible / Michael Jackson

ImmigrationMas: I look at myself, like what can I do? We sometimes forget that WE have the power to drive change. Like Michael Jackson said, it starts with the man in the mirror.

sunwooeatrice: my grandfather telling me about how him and michael jackson used to hit it at the bar weekly & give the ladies jazz hands (circa 1970)

NiedsG: Prince, maybe Michael Jackson

TChartSwift: Taylor Swift is now the third artist with the most weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart's history, surpassing Michael Jackson.

securenet: Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Beatriz47591040: ☆April 19th, 1988 - Michael Jackson plays the first of three nights at The Rosemont Horizon, Chicago (Illinois).

MJInspirational: "I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to. Jesus said continue to love. Always love." -Michael Jackson

jootaenamo: red velvet is not known for their raps, but bet you wanna bet you wanna dance like this, you need to beat it that boy michael jackson bad, never get me wrong my boo, im original visual

hnvarambhia: Quote taken from 'Software Requirements and Specifications' by Michael Jackson

DJJS1000: Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Michael Jackson - Beat it "

GreatestHitsRd: Now Playing on Greatest Hits Radio : Michael Jackson - Beat it "

singersbot: Know Yourself by Michael Jackson featuring Snoop Dogg

taycangt: i served michael jackson his last 10 percs

GeorgeLarnaca: REMEMBER and RESPECT Michael Jackson for his amazing musical career remembering the best he gave the world and forgetting the last years when everything went wrong for him.

techie_twit: "it’s all begins with forgiveness because to heal the world,we first have to heal ourselves." by Michael Jackson

Gezza_O: It’s rare but there are a few covers that are better than original. Off the top of my head: Michael Jackson - Come Together Aaliyah - At Your Best (You Are Love) Case - Missing You SZA - TwoAM Drake - I Get Lonely Boyz II Men - Sara Smile

GeorgeLarnaca: Michael Jackson Freddie Mercury : giving us all they have.

marigold1154: Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson gives rare interview about life inside Neverland

FredjeSantos: Todays opinion: Young Thug > Michael Jackson.

MJLMP_Official: Michael Jackson & LMP 1994

1STOPSP0RT: ‘I’m not going anywhere’: Brooks defiant as new Tigers signing turns up heat on $900k playmaker

_littleggirl: Diana Ross and Michael Jackson by Norman Seeff.

djenn97: The only thing funnier than Michael Jackson in the freezer is Lana Del Ray in the oven

simmons1: Now playing Quincy Jones Sues Michael Jackson Estate by THE MARKET World Trade News!

flexinonmyexes: Idgaf if Michael Jackson got up from the grave to give us one last show, I’m NOT going

OE3: 23:13: "Smooth Criminal" von Michael Jackson

BylineTimes: Mr Murray considers our coverage of him and the Henry Jackson society is 'conspiracist pap': decide for yourself

ValiantTraveler: Imagine if Michael Jackson was still alive and active on social media... he’d have at least 500M followers. It would’ve been awesome to see his stories on IG...

BostonGlobe: At Twymon's home in New Bedford, Jackson flipped the pages of a worn photo album, scanning pictures of family members he had never seen before. His brothers, Stevin Burton and Michael Newsome, waited patiently in the living area.

DianaAragon82: Stranger in Moscow by Michael Jackson

pmhs_fwr: Michael Jackson - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

priceoffamee: Michael Jackson singing “Ben” at the Oscars in 1973.

foxxybemine: michael jackson being able to have his r&b rain moment sits so right in my spirit

michaeljackson: "‘She's Out of My Life’ was a pivotal point in Michael Jackson's career and a rare moment of vulnerability right as he was on the cusp of pop megastardom.” - Vice Michael released the “She’s Out Of My Life” single this week in 1980. Watch the video now:

sophiag019: can’t listen to “beat it” by michael jackson the same anymore

MJChartData: Most viewed Michael Jackson short films on YouTube since yesterday: Billie Jean - 615,086 Smooth Criminal - 506,911 Beat It - 326,257

ukh0na: so you guys heard this and heard nothing Michael Jackson-esque?

sonikmusicnet: Ora in onda: Michael Jackson - Black or White

Beatriz47591040: ☆April 19th, 2006 - Michael Jackson meets with Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa at the Safriya Palace in Safriya (Bahrain ).Jackson thanked the king and expressed his appreciation for the monarchy's help and hospitality. (AP Photo/Bahrain News Agency)

fonominal: I wish I had the chance to see Michael Jackson perform live.

realBrunoMars_: A Tribute to Michael Jackson (with Drummer Jonathan Moffett) "They Don't Care About Us

best_albums_: Bad by Michael Jackson

BabaYehgar: Cavani is what Michael Jackson thought he looked like

MadAssassin_: Michael Jackson was already a legend in his 20s. That shit still blows my mind.

lunewalk: pov: michael jackson is next to you

honda92667426: Michael Jackson meets Princess Diana & Prince Charles

MJInspirational: “A young lady's physical beauty can by no means outshine the inner beauty that radiates from her heart and spirit.” -Michael Jackson

MJfanTJ61: Speak Up For Michael Jackson

Carney_ART: “Human knowledge consists not only of libraries of parchment and ink - it is also comprised of the volumes of knowledge that are written on the human heart, chiselled on the human soul, and engraved on the human psyche.” — Michael Jackson

CryptoOz: Michael Jackson - They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil Version) (Official Vi...

NeverlandFacts: ICYMI: After suing Michael Jackson's Estate for tens of millions of dollars Wade Robson suddenly decided everything was a lie that he had previously said under oath when testifying Michael did nothing inappropriate to him.

psyanid3: This car hit that Michael Jackson

deliriocruel: I feel like Michael Jackson moonwalking through Calabasas

michaeImjj: Once you know Michael Jackson as Michael, there is no going back, ever. You will fall in love with his soul, almost effortlessly, and a beautiful soul is never forgotten. Once you understand the most misunderstood person in the world, you can see the true unique beauty within.

starboyffs: This week, Taylor tied/broke: - The Beatles’ 54 y.o. record - Michael Jackson’s BB200 record - Madonna’s BB200 record - Garth Brooks’ BB200 record Those are the names that the numbers put her with. Not with some rookie artists and their stans that we deal on this app every day.

BernabeuCF: In the words of Michael Jackson - "All I want to say is that they don't really care about us"

thanosoutdid: taylor swift is now chart-wise competing with LEGENDS like michael jackson, the beatles and whitney houston... some of y'all really don't realize how huge she is.

manthello: Thinking about how Lady Gaga released Just Dance 13 years ago, in April 2008. That was before Obama was the nominee, before Kanye stole Taylor's mic, before Michael Jackson died, before Swine Flu, before the financial collapse, before Spotify launched, and before Bitcoin existed.

ChristianeSauv3: If you know, you know Freddie Mercury et Michael Jackson - There Must Be More to Life Than Thi...

CBDX61: Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Statues Up for Sale for $2.5 Million

McQueenRH: she got a lightskin friend look like MICHAEL JACKSON got a darkskin friend look like MICHAEL JAC-

LORDLONELYY: I think I dance Everytime I hear Michael Jackson

xiaofanatic: but calm down.... your became michael jackson lmao hee hee hee

therodneywoods: Oh wow this man just showed me his MJ shirt saying that I have know idea who Michael Jackson.....

gloryboy06: nigga wants her to get that michael jackson treatment smh

LordoftheSquad: You tweeted Chris Brown > Michael Jackson on Twitter and mad somebody responded? Lmaoooo

MyClassicHits: Listen ----->

gps2dolife: “Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.” ~ Michael Jackson

RanScoot: the pottery scene from Ghost, but it’s actually Michael Jackson holding my feet while I moonwalk

L0TUSFLWERS: nah fr tho if u wont dance to Michael Jackson wit me ion want it

TMZ: Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Statues Up for Sale for $2.5 Million

michaeImjj: a thread of michael jackson drinking orange juice because why tf not??

bueithta: Man it's not fair. Our parents got Michael Jackson, westlife, blue, backstreet boys and we get bts and T - series

ungodlyhoer: i remember the exact spot i was standing in when i found out Michael Jackson died

Network_Easy: Michael Jacksons daughter gives a good shot to The Struts song Low Key in Love: Watch - The News International: Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson makes guest appearance on The Struts song Low Key in Love

ZELgoCraZy: Tanjiro if his family wasn’t massacred by Michael Jackson

MJJCharts: Michael Jackson's "Earth Song" has now surpassed 300 million views on YouTube.

21idwbyabillie: i hate this mfs michael jackson help me breath

LadePlatinum: Michael Jackson “Off The Wall” Vinyl. New and Sealed. $35. DM If Interested. Paypal/Cashapp/Zelle/Apple Pay/Venmo Accepted

JacksonLegion: Michael Jackson’s hand written notes from 1987.

TracyYerden: Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Statues Up for Sale for $2.5 Million

shamongirl: Michael Jackson, 1995

rdncsn: I just finished watching square one and Lies of leaving neverland and I am honestly disgusted that I even entertained that fictional mockumentary. I honestly want to sincerely apologize to MJ and all Michael Jackson fans for almost believing that b.s.

Kiddos_Mama: Before the parabolic. Somewhere in Samburu . At almost 5 months pregnant with baby shark. Me and my Michael Jackson socks had just fallen in mud outside a manyatta hapo nyuma.. I miss going out of town on assignments.

hourlycarey: mariah carey and michael jackson , 2001

JacksonLegion: Michael Jackson, of the quintet Jackson 5, sings onstage in 1970.

Livehpool: The last time you won the Champions League Michael Jackson was still alive...

DAIJTYANNA: Michael Jackson really has been sampled 1844 times in music history.

andjustice4some: This thread should be read by every single MJ fan because Gutierrez is the root of the false allegations against Michael Jackson. It's easily translatable. A must read, a must share, a must RT.

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