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Mark Plowman, generally known as Max Plowman, (1 September 1883 – 3 June 1941) was a British writer and pacifist.

Life to 1918 He was born in Northumberland Park, Tottenham, Middlesex. He left school at 16, and worked for a decade in his father's brick business. He became a journalist and poet. In 1914 he married Dorothy Lloyd Sulman.

From the beginning of the First World War Plowman felt morally opposed to the fighting – "insane and unmitigated filth" – but on Christmas Eve 1914 he reluctantly volunteered for enlistment in the Territorial Army, Royal Army Medical Corps, 4th Field Ambulance. He later accepted a commission in the 10th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, and serving at Albert, close to the Somme...
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Max Plowman Poems

  • General Gordon, The Hero Of Khartoum
    Alas! now o'er the civilised world there hangs a gloom
    For brave General Gordon, that was killed in Khartoum,
    He was a Christian hero, and a soldier of the Cross,
    And to England his death will be a very great loss. ...
  • The Miraculous Escape Of Robert Allan, The Fireman
    'Twas in the year of 1858, and on October the fourteenth day,
    That a fire broke out in a warehouse, and for hours blazed away;
    And the warehouse, now destroyed, was occupied by the Messrs R. Wylie, Hill & Co.,
    Situated in Buchanan Street, in the City of Glasgow. ...
  • The Moon
    rming to my sight;
    As I gaze upon thee in the sky so high,
    A tear of joy does moisten mine eye.
  • The Battle Of Sheriffmuir
    'Twas in the year 1715, and on the 10th of November,
    Which the people of Scotland have cause to remember;
    On that day the Earl of Mar left Perth bound for Sheriffmuir,
    At the same time leaving behind a garrison under Colonel Balfour....
  • A Humble Heroine
    'Twas at the Seige of Matagarda, during the Peninsular War,
    That a Mrs Reston for courage outshone any man there by far;
    She was the wife of a Scottish soldier in Matagarda Port,
    And to attend to her husband she there did resort....
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Comments about Max Plowman

  • War_poets: 17 may 1917 max plowman writes a letter which includes a poem written for the son of a family friend recently killed in action amid so many dead why should i sing of you? or seek to crown your head with wreath of rue who wear the immortal crown ordained for you?
  • War_poets: 29 april 1917 max plowman writes to janet upcot from the bowhill auxiliary hospital for officers. ‘i will not trust a mind which has become so divorced from nature it cannot appreciate poetry.'
  • Missbeaubeirdra: breaking: hbo max confirms a limited miniseries about giovanna plowman is in production for release in spring 2023.
  • Church_burn: “money is the shore to which every human craft is anchored and will remain anchored until mankind has learnt the greatest lesson history can teach it - how to live by a more spiritual means of exchange.” - max plowman [photo: jonathan greet]
  • War_poets: 10 march 1918 max plowman writes ‘no one will ever know what this war has meant for us… when the clash between instinct & reason is violent then people suffer as hamlet suffered & i don’t know now how we did what we did. '
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