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  • Agape
    Rouse the amorist of humanity
    With an ethereal sonder of unity
    With leal Akashic record of light
    To ponder the orphic Karmic sight ...
  • Phosphenes
    The Universe will not break you
    It rubs sweven pain to wake you
    For I'm a solivagant in my latibule
    Hugging my demons in irenic rule ...
  • A Bliss I Miss
    The torrent rain kissed the ground
    The sea kissed the shores around
    Mr. Gentle Wind kissed the tree
    The flower kissed a humming bee ...
  • Everything And Nothing
    O weave my thoughts in power
    Bouncing in circles of water eyes
    As numbers from a cosmic flower
    Patterned in thirteen soulful cries ...
  • The Malady Of Truth
    Poets and writers don't cry
    They keep bleeding on paper
    But words in my throat sigh
    Planning to choke me later ...
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  • We live our lives seeking Heaven yet it's all around us for life is a quantum illusion in the randoms of infinity. ∴ Lyna Salman
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