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NicolaRBartlett: The Russell family have been such strong advocates for their daughter even through their grief. I hope the conclusion of the inquest gives them some comfort but believe it would be an insult to them were the government to water down the online safety bill as Lucy Powell has said.

daily_politics: Labour MPs Lucy Powell, Ruth Cadbury and Stephen Kinnock, who had been calling for Mr Corbyn to resign, as they'll be seen on BBC2 Mon 9pm

DowntownBusines: Downtown in Business will host an exclusive event with the Shadow Minister for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, Lucy Powell MP, at the recently opened cultural centre in Prescot, Shakespeare North.

MPExpensesUK: Claim 4002197-243 6 Dec 21 - Lucy Powell (Lab) £92.20 for MP travel from Stockport to London Terminals by train (Standard Single). 'Trainline'

mollyroseorg: Labour's shadow digital and culture Secretary Lucy Powell, said: "Enough is enough. Children must be kept safe online. The government should bring forward the full Online Safety Bill at the earliest opportunity."

journoontheedge: Lucy Powell - a little while ago I asked her directly how a Labour government would fund the BBC and she didn’t have an answer. (She is shadow DCMS.)

GBNEWS: 'We've got a responsibility to make sure we're setting out those policies... that we are fit to govern, ready to govern' Shadow Culture Secretary Lucy Powell discusses the 'real possibility' of a Labour government at the next election, as the party's conference comes to a close.

SkyNews: "He knows what he needs to do" Shadow Culture Sec Lucy Powell MP says Jeremy Corbyn MP has to 'apologise for the very offensive comments made to the Jewish community' and accept some of his responsibility before having the whip reinstated

tomhfh: “The top of the Tory party is more diverse than the top of the Labour Party in some respects.” Lucy Powell tells GB News.

SkyNews: Shadow digital, culture, media and sport secretary, Lucy Powell, says Labour 'will keep Channel 4 in public hands and we will secure the future of the BBC as a universal public broadcaster". Latest:

chelleryn99: Note to Lucy Powell: Keir Starmer won't be happy with you referring to the 'many, not the few!' in your speech. Far too Corbyn darling!

beth_lindop: Shadow Sec. of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Lucy Powell says there’s now “a lot of politics in football” and failure of the gov to act on the fan-led review will see football become a political issue for clubs in marginal constituencies

RachaelParkman: Lucy Powell is free to leave the Party if she can’t get behind the leader. Isn’t that what we were told in the Corbyn years? Except less politely?

TheRickyDavila: Because it must be said: A black woman in Texas was given 5 years in prison for unknowingly voting whilst ineligible, but Krakendoodle Sidney Powell can commit sedition and skip her grand jury testimony and not be disbarred or thrown in jail. Do you see it?

TalkTV: Labour MP Lucy Powell was mocked on social media last month for wearing a 'Never Kissed A Tory' t-shirt. True or false? Find out on That Was The Woke That Was ►

British_AOC: Lucy Powell is the British AOC!

RPCorpIntl: sure they're friendly and all but why would Lucy Powell or literally anyone else hear "exciting things Keir Starmer has done" and think "having kids"

PaulBrandITV: Labour's Lucy Powell absolutely clear here that the party will NOT vote against the cut to the basic rate. She told me Labour WILL vote against the top rate of tax being abolished, as you'd expect them to.

BareLeftAgain: Lucy Powell trying not to say "Had an affair".

johnestevens: Gary Neville has been working with Lucy Powell on Labour's approach to football governance The ex-England footballer joined the party earlier this year

TalkTV: Labour MP Lucy Powell was mocked on social media last month for wearing a 'Never Kissed A Tory' t-shirt. Andre Walker hit the streets of London to find out how many people would kiss a Tory! That Was The Woke That Was ►

DonLew87: Sidney Powell no-showed grand jury testimony in Georgia today. The Kraken also absent. Will she face repercussions?

FirstClassMPs: Lucy Powell (Lab) claimed £130.30 for a first single ticket on a train from London Terminals to Stockport. 8 Dec 21 - 4002197-244

woolydave2: Labour put up Lucy Powell to reply to liz Trusses bold plans for U.K. and the difficult decisions she is willing to make to stimulate the economy. Firstly Powell is an economic low ball but she is unwilling to confirm Labour still believe in tax and spend.Come on BBC dig a little

agbuckley: Mind-bogglingly bad pol-econ interview of Lucy Powell on R4PM just now. 1. "Assume tax cuts for the rich = growth; why does Labour hate growth?" 2. "Assume banker's bonuses make everyone wealthier, but increase inequality. Both by unspecified amounts: what's Labour policy?"

LBC: Labour MP Lucy Powell says that borrowing for tax cuts is the “worse type of borrowing you can do”, as Liz Truss admits this policy will initially benefit the rich more than the poor.

NickTimiraos: Jay Powell ditched his original Jackson Hole speech last month after markets turned excessively optimistic about an inflation turnaround and Fed pivot. The one he delivered was shorter and nuance-free. Inside the “single mandate” central bank:

BitterJurorsPod: Stacey Powell (South Pacific) vs Lucy Huang (Millennials vs Gen X)

AndrewSmith2768: Today is the 10th Anniversary of PCs Nicola Hughes, 23, and Fiona Bone, 32, who were killed whilst on duty in 2012. Not a single post so far from any Manchester MP, Lucy Powell, Afzal Khan, Mike Kane, Jeff Smith, no guess which party they are all from!

MuellerSheWrote: It appears that a neo-nazi felon has his fingerprints all over Rhodes’ new court filings. I wonder is Sidney Powell is footing this bill, too.

TCCWales: TCC sat down with Lucy Powell of Outside Lives, whose aims are to connect people through shared interests, whilst also celebrating and protecting our natural environment. Watch here -

WritesBright: Ex-Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman gave £10,000 to Liz Truss' leadership campaign via his smoked salmon firm, new records show. Ex-Brexit Party MEP Lucy Harris worked on Truss' campaign.

alangxbriel: Set It Up (2018) this rom-com is so funny and cute. glen powell being a total himbo and lucy liu being a bad bitch yup that's cinema 10/10

cold957: Lucy “Never kissed a Tory” Powell is preaching to the choir, nobody else.

edwardswain1: No one takes much notice of lucy powell

DaveAtherton20: Enoch Powell is trending. After he gave the Rivers of Blood speech & was denounced as racist. But opinion polls found 70% of the population agreed with him. I saw an i/v from 1996 & Powell said that privately many MPs agreed with him but would be dead before the worst happened.

British_AOC: Lucy Powell is the British AOC!

PinkNews: Labour MP Lucy Powell sparks fierce debate after wearing 'never kissed a Tory' t-shirt to Pride

HondaTadakatsu: "Lucy Powell’s ‘Never Kissed a Tory’ t-shirt shows that even Labour’s ‘sensibles’ are moral infants." Labour’s politics of the playground - spiked

siennamarla: “£120m is a huge amount of public funds for a festival that fell flat. DCMS should learn lessons to ensure we don’t have more publicly funded festivals viewed, in some cases, by only 1,000 people," says Lucy Powell, shadow DCMS secretary

beatleebum: set it up (2018) 7/10 glen powell is so mouth wateringly gorgeous in this i do not care at all about the rest, it was prob decent for a romcom (i do not watch those), also lucy liu is the coolest woman ever

RobHart66: Nice to see Lucy Powell with her never kissed a Tory t-shirt. Pity she doesn’t stop acting like a Tory.

MrHickmott: Lucy Powell's "Never Kissed a Tory" t-shirt annoyed all the right people, didn't it? Let's see how they like it.

jdenicholls: An important point to make about the current kerfuffle caused by Lucy Powell, 47

Brahaminda_2: Opinion: Like Lucy Powell, I couldn’t date a Tory – politics is too important

Eyeswideopen69: Having a functioning soul is also important!

Independent: 'Like Lucy Powell, I couldn’t date a Tory – politics is too important'

PinkNews: Labour MP Lucy Powell sparks fierce debate after wearing 'never kissed a Tory' t-shirt to Pride

HistorianHelen: Discussion of Lucy Powell's 'Never Kissed A Tory' t-shirt reminds me why the Diane Lockhart-Kurt McVeigh romance on The Good Wife is such inspired television screen-writing.

PoliDigitalUK: Labour MP Lucy Powell sparks fierce debate after wearing ‘never kissed a Tory’ t-shirt to Pride

stayawayjoe77: Opinion: Like Lucy Powell, I couldn’t date a Tory – politics is too important

PinkNews: Labour MP Lucy Powell sparks fierce debate after wearing 'never kissed a Tory' t-shirt to Pride

RajwinderSPal: One of my few red lines never crossed. In fairness, a Tory potential date would undoubtedly have also been repelled by a gobby, opinionated Leftie. But no Leftie ever got out of bed thinking of victimising ppl & making the world a even bigger shit hole.

Independent: 'Like Lucy Powell, I couldn’t date a Tory – politics is too important'

joecguinan: When Lucy Powell’s ‘Never Kissed a Tory’ t-shirt is more offensive than the actual government leaving half the population to starve to death shivering in the dark.

whotdech: lucy powell has definitely kissed a tory or two

BenDunnell: The thing that annoys me about this isn’t so much the message. It’s the fact that Lucy Powell is pissing about like this when she’s 47 and a shadow minister. She should have gone, “No, I’m a grown adult. I’m not putting that on.”

thetimes: Lucy Powell, the shadow culture secretary, attended a Pride rally in Manchester on Saturday in a red T-shirt designed by LGBT+ Labour. The slogan “never kissed a Tory” dates back to 2008

JoeVinson: If you’re angry about a light-hearted t-shirt that’s been in use for 15+ years to fundraise for LGBT+ candidates, just wait until you hear the Tories’ track record on LGBT+ equality. In the meantime, you can buy a t-shirt here:

Pridewest: Labour MP Lucy Powell sparks fierce debate after wearing ‘never kissed a Tory’ t-shirt to Pride

jam3sEForsyth: Who would want to kiss Lucy Powell anyway?

David__Osland: The Daily Mail has criticised Labour MP Lucy Powell for wearing a 'Never Kissed a Tory' T-shirt. This is the newspaper that ran the headline 'Labour must kill vampire Jezza'.

Paul4dogs: More faux outrage from the Tories over a FKNG t-shirt, it's a shame they're not as upset about the people who are going to die from the cold or hunger this winter.

Daily_Express: 'Enough political interference!' Labour says it will protect BBC from 'Tory cronyism'

She_raaah: All those culture war councillors and MPs laying in to Lucy Powell and her tee only makes me want one more. I suspect it wouldn’t be true on me though yikes

Hepworthclare: Why would you refer to Lucy Powell as an idiot ? I'm not her greatest fan, but she is certainly not an idiot.

AndrewParkerUK: Lucy Powell causes debate over her t-shirt while Bury MP denies wearing it

redrum57: 20 anti-Corbyn MPs voted AGAINST a pay rise for the UK’s lowest earners to try and damage THEIR OWN party Jess Phillips, Stella Creasy, Mike Gapes, Margaret Hodge, Liz Kendall, Yvette Cooper, Lucy Powell and Neil Coyle. Thanks guys.

farje: The tories and their for-rent journalists, cheerleaders and sycophants have their knickers in a twist because of this photo of Labour MP Lucy Powell’s T-shirt worn during Manchester’s Pride parade. Tory hypocritical bigots hysterically shouting ‘tolerance, tolerance!’. Hilarious!

Michael09910592: 'Enough political interference!' Labour says it will protect BBC from 'Tory cronyism'

Michael09910592: 'Enough political interference!' Labour says it will protect BBC from 'Tory cronyism'

mybury: The outfit sparked controversy.

MirrorPolitics: Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester Central, was one of thousands of people who attended Manchester Pride yesterday

mthompson_dr: How many times am I going to see a “funny” remark about Lucy Powell’s ‘never kisses a Tory’ T-shirt. She wants to wear it, yes it’s ridiculous, it’s a free country, the jokes are obvious, it’s not a “hate” crime…. ….let it go. I’m a Tory btw.

Leveller44: Headline Observer "Labour: We will protect the BBC's independence"! We're in the middle of a catastrophic C of L,Energy & Water Pollution crisis, all Starmer & Lucy Powell can come up with is protecting a Tory Establishment organisation,which helped create the situation we're in!

MattCarr55: Tories...playing the victim because of Lucy Powell's t-shirt is precisely the reason why it's impossible to have the slightest respect for them. That, and the fact they wrecked the country and seem to care more about the t-shirt than the millions slipping into poverty.

resolutereader: Lucy Powell is my MP, I voted for her, I disagree with many of her politics, but I applaud her sentiments here. We remember Section28, and we remember their bigotry. Never kissed a Tory. Never will.

Berna_Rossa: Good for Lucy Powell!

obsolete__units: Watch closely and you’ll see Lucy Powell making a sharp exit as soon as she thinks the photo’s been taken

newcomradedelta: I have a T-shirt that says "Never Kissed a Lucy Powell"

Mr_W_Carpenter: Lucy Powell brilliantly demonstrating that Labour have MP's of stunningly low calibre.

elliot_gregs: When you boil it down to the basics Lucy Powell's tweet shows they've learnt nothing from 2019 and from the deservedly visceral hatred and fear people have of Corbyn.

Sewn_apart: Also if there's one decent tory ever its Tracey Crouch. Not as tall as Peter but genuinely decent. Lucy Powell as the shadow. Oh. My. Fkn. Decades Such a vile wastewoman there shows what Labour really think of culture. They'd sell it so far down the river

RichardHytner: Ed Miliband, 'Ed stone' gaffe-prone Lucy Powell and Neil Kinnock supporting Andy Burnham's leadership bid. He must be thrilled about that.

Boadice37198367: James Not=so=Cleverly. Not Lucy Powell. WYTF would ANYONE want to kiss Tory filth.

mps_edits: Lucy Powell Wikipedia article edited anonymously

LukeSt_K: I’m really not sure the upset in the replies. Are there any Tories who want to kiss Lucy Powell?

PerfecWagnerite: There are a number of reasons to find Lucy Powell offensive - remember her charming repeated "oh my God!" disappointment when her own party did surprisingly well in the 2017 election - but this is not one of them.

YorksPudding: Why is this newbie MP so desperate for a kiss from Lucy Powell?

BenObeseJecty: Good to see Lucy Powell wearing the “Never Kissed A Tory” t-shirt as part of Labour’s new campaign where their MPs reveal their biggest regrets.

KeirWillow: If Lucy Powell, the wettest M.P. in parliament is beyond the pale, then the next stop is a military junta

elliot_gregs: I’ve been told that picking up on Lucy Powell’s t-shirt is “doing the work of GBNews” and struggling to see how that’s so different to the narrative about smearing Corbyn by recognising that the papers we don’t like were the only ones willing to tackle his antisemitism etc.

BaneNook: Under no circumstances should you be going to bat for Lucy Powell MP

greendrive1246: Poor old Keir Starmer, he struggles not to look wooden whilst trying to stay woke. When there’s any glimmer of hope you can always rely on his stupid MPs to ensure Labour stay in the sidings indefinitely. This weekends leading low wattage light bulb seems to be Lucy Powell.

British_AOC: Lucy Powell is the British AOC!

thesiriusreport: Powell claims fighting inflation is unconditional, presumably until the entire economic and financial sysyem implodes. It no longer matters what course of action is taken, all roads lead to the same destination.

CountDeadWomen: 27 January 2022: Lucy Powell, 21, was found dead at home Birmingham. Her partner, Gregory Duhamel, 47, smothered her before killing himself.

FairholtRock: Our collective hearts go out to Emily and Lucy, the late Adrian Powell's daughters, who lost their mum Ayesha today. RIP.

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