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  • On Cloud Number Nine By Lloyd Elipokea
    Me comfortably ensconced in my heavenly fluffy armchair with chips and a delightfully cold bottle of Coca-Cola within easy reach.
    Me feasting my eyes on highlight reels of 'Jay-Jay' Okocha's and the 'little bird' Garrincha's bewitching dribbling sorcery.
    Me utterly lost in the simply lovely vocals of one Ed Sheeran and marveling afresh for the umpteenth time at the compelling and entertaining lyricism of Bongo Flavor's resident rap legend 'Professor Jay'.
    Me totally engrossed in a typically fast-paced Robert Ludlum page-turner or being overawed by that distinctly magical Dickensian style of weaving sentences together. ...
  • A New Year's Prayer
    God we thank you for seeing us successfully through last year.

    O' Almighty, we thank you for your many kindnesses like our health, true friends and peace in our homeland.
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Wise 1 Wide 1 Health 1 Great 1 Support 1 True 1 Year 1 Open 1 Almighty 1 Fast 1

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They that eat the uncrushed grape
Walk with steady heels:
Lo, now, how they stare and gape
Where the poet reels!
He has drunk the sheer divine
Concentration of the vine.


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