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  • Meditation By The Stove
    I have banked the fires
    of my body
    into a small but steady blaze
    here in the kitchen ...
  • The Months

    Contorted by wind,
    mere armatures for ice or snow, ...
  • To A Daughter Leaving Home
    When I taught you
    at eight to ride
    a bicycle, loping along
    beside you ...
  • The New Dog
    Into the gravity of my life,
    the serious ceremonies
    of polish and paper
    and pen, has come ...
  • Prosody 101
    When they taught me that what mattered most
    was not the strict iambic line goose-stepping
    over the page but the variations
    in that line and the tension produced ...
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Peterrubenmora1: anonymous as snow, * seventeen winter aspen along national headquarters trail, medicine bow forest, happy jack, wyoming. *from the linda pastan poem, ash.
Librarybookbot: ‘why not / live each day as if it were the first — / all raw astonishment, eve rubbing / her eyes awake that first morning, / the sun coming up / like an ingénue in the east?’ — linda pastan, imaginary conversation
Heyjudenotjudy: another spring poem, this one by linda pastan.
Yawp97: linda pastan..."you left/ a partial map/ of your right hand/on every doorknob" so good.
Calmurmind: such an honour to work with fantastic practitioners, great guys, poems ‘origins’ by imelda maguire and ‘what we want’ by linda pastan.
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