Lima Akter Poems

  • 1.
    Why did you leave me
    When rain about to start,
    The sky was full of clouds
    We were supposed to be together
  • 2.
    Don't you love this paddy-field
    The flying birds over the paddy-field
    Don't you love the sky which changes it's color
    Don't you love the garden with so many flowers!
  • 3.
    I wanted fog
    To get drenched,
    You get me sunlight
    To get drenched!
  • 4.
    Do not fall in love with me
    It's ok,
    Having pain in life!

  • 5.
    You call me near
    Very close to you but
    When I am very close to you
    You keep your mouth shut!
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Md. Ali Azam : Excellent. Keep it up. All the best.

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