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Movie_Plot_Bot: In an over-the-top trilogy presented by BET, Liam Neeson uncovers a dazzling necklace shaped like a gold nugget, introducing Scott Wolf as the tomato salad. (☆)

treego14: What Christians Can Learn from Liam Neeson’s “Shocking” Revelation - Living Waters

flockaveii: liam neeson admitted that he set out to kill an innocent black man after someone close to him were rap3d.

imspooXy: I’ll deadass turn into Liam Neeson rn


Lestah_Lad: How many times is too many to keep telling recruitment agencies that you’re not looking for work and that you don’t care that your skills are an ideal match. Call Liam Neeson!

esquire: Don't count on Liam Neeson reprising his ‘Star Wars’ role Qui-Gon Jinn on a Disney+ series anytime soon.

drjonathanchung: Lol. All I heard on this tweet was Liam Neeson being the voice of major universities saying “NO. Paycut? No no no”

queeenthang: Who would win in a game of cat and mouse? John wick or Liam Neeson?

TheParadiseNg: Liam Neeson would consider Qui-Gon Jinn spin-off if George Lucas were directing

PlayhouseHamOnt: MARLOWE, a gripping noir crime thriller set in late 1930’s Bay City, centers around a brooding, down on his luck detective; Philip Marlowe, played by Liam Neeson.⁠ ⁠ Opens tomorrow at 4:30 at Playhouse! Tix:

chokeules: Liam Neeson doing standup: Don’t take my wife, please

IMN_Music_News: Liam Neeson opens door to Qui-Gon spin-off with George Lucas -

jaunnewsusa: Liam Neeson opens door to Qui-Gon spin-off with George Lucas

EdDunkelsGhost: Saw the trailer for the Marlowe movie. It’s Liam Neeson as Philip Marlowe – and he’s just doing his normal accent. Absolute travesty.

NME: Neeson had previously ruled out a full-scale return

Rufus_Hickok: It also did not have the balcony or the rain gutter. I was apparently trying to be the Liam Neeson of French historical researchers.

dorth_2000: What Christians Can Learn from Liam Neeson’s “Shocking” Revelation

wihayawintang: ikutan ah You look: di foto kurus Actually: gembrot Follower: ga peduli Actually: ga peduly You look: 42 Actually: 22 You look: keibuan Actually: kebapakan Status: taken Actually: bukan sama liam neeson

ArronTa23876170: Liam Neeson, Why did my history class take me to your Name??

dskuko: It’d be nice to see Idris Elba and Liam Neeson partner in a film like Luther.

skwovbot4000: Liam Neeson haters are the worst no cap

kellygunz88: Yours UNICEF Liam neeson. Begabati chores.

sail_outtt: It’s a tie between : 1. Liam Neeson on the hunt for a black man to kill. 2. Mark Wahlberg and his racially motivated gang bang. (Yes I will call it that)

timnextdoor_: I’m okay with Liam Neeson being type casted for “those” type of movies. I’ll watch every single one.

tcliverpool: Just watched Marlow with Liam Neeson, nicest thing I can say is it's finished

NewsfeedsMedia: Liam Neeson, 70, jokes he's not having an affair with his female power walking partner

angelk1tty444: I’d listen to Danny devito’s voice over Liam neeson’s any day

cottage_ann: Liam Neeson went around looking for random black men to bet up because his sister (?) was attached

esquire: Don't count on Liam Neeson reprising his ‘Star Wars’ role Qui-Gon Jinn on a Disney+ series anytime soon.

Bcus_imboatman: No time for love Dr. Jones, you’ve go to face either Keanu Reeves or Liam Neeson in the Next Round!

FilmCriticMaybe: Sat for Marlowe Neil Jordan's latest film and reuniting him with Liam Neeson for the first time since Michel Collins Seems like a no brainer sell given how that film was so big Fine Gael tried to sponsor a rerelease of it This is the only cinema in Cork playing it

EleyaeSystems: Just like Liam Neeson, our founder Emmanuel has a very particular set of skills that he has acquired through years of working in the industry. To read more about how he became the expert he is today, check out our website:

rootsent_hub: MADE IN ITALY Trailer (2020) Liam Neeson, Drama Movie

MeanwhileinIRL: What's your favourite film? ☘

JordynBolick: I forget Liam Neeson is a main voice actor in Ponyo

StuartMWilke: The only issue is that it'd maybe look way too similar to John Wick. Like...people would say it's just John Wick but with more sneaking and Keanu wearing a jumpsuit with goggles instead of a tux. But then again, Liam Neeson has made a dozen Taken clones and we don't fault him.

TediaTweets: Not saying modern action films are repetitive, but it's amazing how often Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Liam Neeson can come out of retirement to get revenge on their daughters kidnapper

StarBarduous: I'm just like Liam Neeson. (fantasize about k****** n******)

gijoepesci: I always thought this was Liam Neeson

hotcheri: He always gives liam neeson to me, I can’t explain it

AndreaHerd2: Cold Pursuit 2019 Liam Neeson AkA Rasputin

martinmcgrath: Watched the Neil Jordan/Liam Neeson/John Banville/William Monahan Marlowe movie... an ersatz noir full of people who clearly remember what it's like to make good things - and, in flashes, get close to delivering them again - but who no longer can quite deliver the goods.

NickMotown: Just seen Liam Neeson weighing himself. He has a very particular set of scales.

TVHEAUXX: I actually till today can’t believe Liam Neeson said he went around wanting to kill any blk man he could find and white people said awww he’s being so honest how can that be racist…like it still feels like a fever dream

mbaku__: Rewatching Liam Neeson's Unknown for the first time in the last five years, I'm still refuses to believe that, it's the same guy who directed Black Adam.

JasonTerry71: Liam Neeson THREATENS a fan

JillCrossland: If you don't get too bogged down by the classic portals of Philip Marlowe, you will enjoy Liam Neeson's version of him. The sets & costumes depicted 1930s LA flawlessly. Plus, the supporting cast had some delightful surprises, like Alan

DesComms: Liam Neeson goinh out for a week straight hoping to fight someone black because of who happened to his friend

manon_060: Liam Neeson <3

legally_pam: Me recordó a Liam Neeson en “Taken”: “…but I have a set of skills that make me a nightmare for people like you…I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you”

TylerIAm: Kyrie got a very particular set of skills that come most in handy when something went terribly wrong, he's basically Liam Neeson

BigJungus97: What was the revolutionary action film before Wick? Taken! With 50 whatever year old Liam Neeson in it

necnectutu_h: I have a particular skill set, a skill set most people think they can attain. I have the Liam Neeson in Taken level skill set and yet I’m marginalised cause apparently anyone can do my job in 2 minutes .I’m a Housekeeper .. you try clean your bs in 2mins .. ffs .. you’re gross

NewsfeedsMedia: Liam Neeson expects to see a united Ireland in his lifetime, saying 'everybody has to be appeased'


everyoneisabot1: "To be able to give away riches is mandatory if you wish to possess them. This is the only way that you will be truly rich." - Liam Neeson, Basic Instinct (1992)

sumayamamdoo: Liam Neeson featuring on Derry Girls was so iconic actually

someonegoogled: does liam neeson have a twin?

POP_DK36: How and why did they get Liam Neeson to come on Atlanta and say allat

IrishCentral: ICYMI: Liam Neeson thinks he will see a united Ireland ... do you agree or disagree with him?

FXMC1957: 7 June 1952. Hollywood star Liam Neeson, was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. His best known role was in Steven Spielberg’s film Schindler’s List as the German-Czech industrialist Oskar Schindler who is credited with saving the lives of 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

nino_ebooks: The Liam Neeson

h666ris: Remember when Liam Neeson randomly came out as racist

Borlaji_: Marlowe…Best Liam Neeson movie in a long long while

amiriplc: This girl’s giving me a crash course on Albanian culture and apparently I’m the bad guy for saying I’m Liam Neeson now

Movie_Plot_Bot: When world-renowned Kelly Rutherford-impersonator Tyler Posey wakes up one morning and discovers they can no longer feel, a mysterious college student offers information, a unforgettable piece of cinematography from Liam Neeson. (☆)

bascdbrickpush1: (After all, Liam Neeson is a badass)

BbJones32: Save NYC Horse Carriages Film - Narrated by Liam Neeson

chicagodemoreel: Liam Neeson Rails Against Conor McGregor and UFC: He’s a ‘Little Leprechaun’ Who ‘Gives Ireland a Bad Name’

OpenRoadFilms: Don’t miss Liam Neeson in the crime thriller MARLOWE, now playing at home on demand.

MisterSalesman: Best Movie, Liam Neeson movie greats

theliamnissan: I'm literally a star-spangled letter Q and the dipshits are still gonna think I'm Liam Neeson. You watch.

Hafi__z: Neegah thinks he's Liam Neeson

quechamelees: Liam Neeson

Soap2DaySite: Soap2day: Liam Neeson will break out of prison in the thriller "The Riker's Ghost": "The Riker's Ghost", a prison…

DaltonKemper: This is some Liam Neeson stuff right here

mouseabolition: Liam Neeson’s racist revenge fantasy.

tropebot: Liam Neeson has one day left until retirement to protect the President

McgeeThelm: Liam neeson one of my favorite actors that I like just got done watching Marlowe sad to say I was very disappointment with the movie. Waste of my money

Bcus_imboatman: Liam Neeson will move on to face Keanu Reeves in the next round!

JackpotNick: Liam Neeson calls Jimmy Kimmel's Irish jokes at Oscars 'a bit racist'

pizza4justice: Vallas endorsements are getting comical. Next week it's gonna be like "Ed Burke, Liam Neeson's character in Widows, Billy Flynn"

IEFNI: Liam Neeson congratulates the parents of Ballymena Nursery School for voting yes to Integrated Education: “I want to wholeheartedly commend the parents who have bravely voted to show their support for Integrated Education for their children.”

angrypiln: Liam Neeson had the same problem, but he took his very particular set of skills acquired over a very long career (as a plumber’s mate) to get it fixed.

H4RRYSGARDEN: matt being obsessed with liam neeson is so real

LateNightGuest: Jimmy Kimmel: David Letterman, Dominique Fishback (R 3/15/23) Jimmy Fallon: Kieran Culkin, Method Man, Jimin Stephen Colbert: Regé-Jean Page, Skylar Astin, John Mayer, Liam Neeson (R 3/14/23) Seth Meyers: Woody Harrelson, Niall Horan, Atom Willard (R …

JimDluhos7: Liam Neeson Threatens a Fan on Jimmy Kimmel Live

toirishfilmfest: Day 1 of TIRFF23 kicks off today with two short film programs and IRELAND in 3D narrated by Liam Neeson with NOTHING TO DECLARE. Tickets still available for all three programs.

halrudnick: Sorry ladies, I'm like Liam Neeson's daughter. I'm Taken.

News_Letter: NEWS | Liam Neeson passes on congratulations to Ballymena Nursery school for moving towards integrated status

screeninsight: See, I'll mock my Dad for liking Liam Neeson films... But I have a sneaking suspicion that one of the biggest pulls that our generation has to the John Wick films is in large part due to how likable Keanu Reeves is.

viciouslve: matts liam neeson theory has a point.


theliamnissan: Eventually a Republican Congressman will think I'm Liam Neeson and it will be a very great day.

alejandrocabez4: LIAM NEESON MOLA MUCHO.

RevolverJerm: I really wanna see Talia, Ra’s and Damian in live action but with actual representation for them, not more whitewashed bullshit. Liam Neeson as Ra’s Al-Ghul was a travesty.

LeeMajorMan: Marlowe. The worst Liam Neeson movie ever.

skateboardjody: Nigga think he Liam neeson

Patbrdh: It’s interesting, the more successful you become the more people want to give you stuff for nothing Liam Neeson

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