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Li Ching Chao Poems

  • As In A Dream
    To the melody of "Ru Meng Lin"

    Last night in the light rain as rough winds blew,
    My drunken sleep left me no merrier. ...
  • The Sun Sets In Molten Gold
    The sun sets in molten gold.
    The evening clouds form a jade disk.
    Where is he?
    Dense white mist envelops the willows. ...
  • To Lord Hu
    We shall not ask for the precious pearl of the Duke of Sui,
    nor for the priceless jade disk of Master Ho.
    We merely ask for the recent news of our homeland.
    The Palace of Spiritual Illumination must be still there, ...
  • Tz'u No. 12
    To the tune of "Happy Event Is Nigh"

    The wind ceases; fallen flowers pile high.
    Outside my screen, petals collect in heaps of red ...
  • Tz'u No. 7
    To the tune of "Rinsing Silk Stream"

    Let not the deep cup be filled
    with rich, amber-colored wine; ...
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Comments about Li Ching Chao

  • Drspacejunk: location: mercury. feature: crater. named after: one of china's greatest poets, li ch'ing cho from the 11th century
  • Angellu66078095: elaines chao's dad was jiang zeman college schoolmate of henry chao and li ka ching richest chinese who ran the panama canal with his company whompoa hutchinson after the clintons turned if over to panama.
  • Faust89823700: li ching chao - tz'u no. 13 to the tune of song of peace year by year, in the snow, i have often gathered plum flowers, intoxicated with their beauty. fondling them impudently i got my robe wet with their lucid tears. this year i have drifted to the corner
  • Faust89823700: this feast of lanterns should be joyful. the weather is calm and lovely. but who can tell if it will be followed by wind and rain? li ching chao
  • Faust89823700: oh, don't you know, don't you know? the red must be getting thin, while the green is becoming plump. li ching chao - tz'u no. 4
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