Laurencia Magina Poems

  • 1.
    We all have dreams, let's keep on chasing
    If you want to fly, leave your worries behind
    Whatever comes in our way, let's all be safe
    What goes up comes down, let's not be broken parts
  • 2.
    I wish I could start all over
    So that I can open a new chapter
    When will it be over
    Cause I'm not that stronger
  • 3.
    They push us around
    till we touch the ground
    the pain inside us
    is hatred enough
  • 4.
    If I could have time
    I could go back in the past
    rewrite what I had
    and listen to your advice
  • 5.
    She looks like a rose
    that she never froze
    She is so special
    She's like an angel
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