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  • Johnthecraptist: laura linney came to my bar, ordered an espresso, downed it in one go like an italian and left. in, out, perfectly cordial but nothing to say, the end
  • Stardripaziz: watching nocturnal animals and laura linney just showed up
  • Wendysbyrde: going to keep getting angry and upset until laura linney gets her well deserved recognition for a character she will only get to win awards for this season. it’s over and it’s her last chance. award shows do her dirty istg.
  • Treyallabtmines: when either her or laura linney snatch that emmy from under zendayas nose
  • Moonlitmama: laura linney and richard gere forever
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She stood-a hill-ensceptred Queen,
The glory streaming from her ;
While Heaven flashed her rays between,
And shed eternal summer.

The gates of morning opened wide
On sunny dome and steeple;
Noon gleamed upon the mountain-side

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