Laishram Gojendra Poems

  • 1.
    Silence all around the vale
    With voices of the dissident
    Muffled in the curfew.

  • 2.
    Living in a world:
    Big fish eats up
    The small fish .

  • 3.
    Kashmir, sell your liberal soul
    And dye up with saffron shades
    Against your will.

  • 4.
    Tonight, it seems
    Sleep has deserted me;
    I am awake with my poems .

  • 5.
    I've often tried to forget you
    Knowing well
    The heart has no delete key.

  • 6.
    I follow every shadow
    Of your love
    That disappears with dawn.

  • 7.
    Your lush green attires
    Remind me of your vernal desires.
    How close we were then like clouds and rains!
    I heard about your ailing families;
  • 8.
    Is it in the pair of egrets in the azure sky
    Flying to an unknown destination?
    Is it in the summer rains
    Falling in the fissures of the earth?
  • 9.
    I am not a seasoned politician of love
    To come to you with manifesto of lies
    To win your heart.
    I am not a monarch of love
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