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He comes from Tatale in the Northern region of Ghana. He was born on the 24th of December, 1996 to Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kwesi Kwanam. He started his elementary education at R/C Primary school, Tatale. He proceeded to St. Thomas Aquinas JHS, where he completed successfully in 2012 and gained admission to study at St. Charles' Minor Seminary and SHS at the northern regional capital, Tamale. He completed his high school education in 2015 and got admitted to Bimbila E. P College of Education that same year. He graduated with a diploma in basic education (DBE) in 2018. After his completion from college, he served the nation as a national service personnel in the year 2019. Whilst fulfilling his mandatory service to the nation, he gained admission to further his education at University of Capecoa...
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Konam Binditim Samuel Poems

  • The Devil In Me
    Not a single day lived
    Without wishing I was different.
    The things I hate to do are the things
    I easily find myself doing ...
  • Harmony In Diversity
    The pigment of her people vary
    But their root traced to same route.
    Minerals in her; buried.
    From her veins flow oil, ...
  • No Longer At Ease
    Our emotions shrouded with fear,
    Fear that pricks like a thorn.
    We're no longer at ease
    For the devastation, on surge. ...
  • Who's Next?
    The world was sizzling with joy
    Until you showed your ugly face.
    The aura of your presence
    Like acid that burn. ...
  • Griefing Red Rose
    Forlorn in the dungeon of melancholy,
    Clamoring at the generation's folly,
    Her voice too faint to make a stink.
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  • It's normal for people to doubt you. If they don't, what you intend to achieve wouldn't be worth the struggle. ┬ęSamuel Konam
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NKUMKPALA EFEJOINBE: That is really awesome, i really enjoyed the poems. may the sky be your Limit

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